5.56x45mm NATO magazine
Icon Item 5.56x45mm NATO magazine


Serves as ammunition for the Automatic Rifle and Interior Turrets.

Mass:0.45 kg
Volume:0.20 L

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A Icon Item 5.56x45mm NATO magazine 5.56x45mm NATO magazine is an ammunition item. It is held in a player's inventory to supply Automatic Rifles so that they can be fired. It is also the ammunition used by Interior Turrets. If "Cargo Ships" are enabled in Survival mode, these can be found randomly generated in the cargo containers of the various Military ships.



The 5.56x45mm NATO magazine can be produced from an Assembler supplied with the following materials.

Material Quantity
Icon Item Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 0.80
Icon Item Nickel Ingot Nickel Ingot 0.20
Icon Item Magnesium Powder Magnesium Powder 0.15
Icon Item Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle, Icon Item Grinder Grinder, Icon Item Hand Drill Hand Drill, Icon Item Welder Welder, Icon Item 5.56x45mm NATO magazine 5.56x45mm NATO magazine, Icon Item 25x184mm NATO ammo container 25x184mm NATO ammo container, Icon Item 200mm missile container 200mm missile container

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