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Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1 is the first terrestial landing craft designed for planets. Despite the appearance of multiple "versions" of the Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1 ie: PlanetaryLander, Mars Planet Lander, Alien Planet Lander, they are all in fact the same vessel model. A first glimpse into the control reveals four batteries and one small reactor, but do not be fooled, because the Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1 in fact is a power hungry vessel on the verge of a black out.
Atmospheric Lander mk

The Pilot must carefully, land this vessel on the planet of choice, being careful enough to choose a ore rich environment, but avoid consuming too much power. One of the trickier vessels for Space Engineers, it does in fact come with its own rewards. As of Space Engineers 10/11/2016 the Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1 has the most inventory components and recyclable equipment out of all Respawn Vessels. This is probable due to the difficult nature on surviving on planets as well as having no Ion thrusters to escape the planetary gravity well, in which it spawns in.

Atmospheric Lander mk

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