Booby traps are mechanisms designed to damage or destroy a ship, station or player by surprise, usually triggered by some action. Some are naturally-occurring in the game, and some may be introduced by players for PvP purposes.

This page is a VERY spoiler-heavy one. Please don't click the expand button unless you really want to know! This is all meant to be learned through in-game experience.

In-game Traps

Internal Thruster Trap This is a thruster built on the inside of the ship, designed to injure the pilot or damage the ship when maneuvered.
Thruster Bombs Thruster bombs are the most common trap in the current build. They appear as a small thruster aimed backwards, with one or more warheads per thruster right in front of the cone. When the player thrusts backwards or activates inertial dampening, the thruster damages the warhead, causing it to detonate. Ships may have none, one or even several such traps. They tend to be in the same location(s) on every ship of the same type (all military minelayers, for example).
2014-04-14 00002

A thruster bomb as seen in game. The warhead end of the trap is towards the front of the ship.

Mitigating in-game Traps

Thruster Bombs 1 One option is to simply grind parts of the ship away until the bombs are revealed. This is time consuming, and prone to error. Try to focus on sections of the ship where there would be room for a trap to be hidden, to avoid needless effort. If the goal is to cannibalize the ship for parts, this method makes the most sense, since it effectively just starts the salvaging process early.
Thruster Bombs 2 Another strategy is to disable thrusters one at a time from the pilot's seat. If a thruster on the outside goes dark, enable it again and move on. If all thrusters are still lit, label that one as a trap and leave it disabled. Once all thrusters have been checked, the ship can be moved safely. Pilots must be careful not to maneuver the ship whatsoever during this process (rotation is fine, movement is not). This relies on the assumption that a thruster that is not visible on the exterior of the ship is a trap. You will still have to dig for the bombs later, but can now stop the ship safely and optionally relocate it to a base of operations. A major benefit to this strategy is that you will know how many traps are hidden on the ship.

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