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Business Shipment isometric

A view from behind and above.

The Business Shipment is a lightly-built transport ship that spawns when the "Cargo Ships" option is enabled in the world options. It is characterized by an array of several solar panels on the front of the ship and comes loaded with a variety of refined materials and repair parts.


Maneuvering blocksEdit

Defense systemsEdit

Power systemsEdit

Cargo systemsEdit

Utility blocksEdit


  • The Business Shipment is lightly armed with two interior turrets mounted externally on the top side, making it an easy target for pirates.
  • The operational Assembler can be quite useful if a player has fallen on difficult times in a Survival game.
  • All inventories on the ship (except the turrets) are connected to its conveyor system, including the reactor.
  • In many places on its hull, the ship is protected only by catwalks, rather than proper armor.
  • Update 01.030 changed the layout of this ship. Business Shipments spawned into the world prior to the update will have different features which are detailed here.


The ship is rather light, having less armor that would usually be expected. Additionally, it has quite a lot of power, a large reactor and several solar panels. As a result, it appears to have been built with speed in mind.

The business shipment's cockpit is accessible through a door on the aft end of the ship.

Players might bring these back to their station and set them up as immobile (dis)assembler satellites. Unnecessary parts could be stripped away, leaving the assembler, solar panels, a gyroscope and cargo containers intact. These would be useful to save uranium during salvaging operations.


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