Effectiveness Module

When the Effectiveness Module is attached properly to a 20px Refinery it will help the Refinery produce more ingots per ore. Which means more ingots will be produced from less amount of ore. The Module has to be connected to two module port squares from the Refinery it sits on to work appropriately, and be powered. Its dimensions are 1x1x2 (Height x Width x Depth).

It is arguable the most practical module of the three modules due to the fact that four Effectiveness Modules can increase a full-sized refineries' ingot output up to a maximum of 200%.

Before reading the following, please read the important note below.

This means 10 kilogram of Iron ore becomes 20 kilograms of Iron Ingots; which scientifically does not make sense; given that Matter can not be created nor destroyed, it can however transform. However, on maps where resources are uncommon; this module has proven a much greater asset given that all ores inserted are effectively doubled. In turn this means that the same amount of mining results yields double the rewards; assuming there are four Effectiveness modules on the same refinery.


Note: As of game version 1.185.9, the most current version at the time of this edit, the resource doubling bug, (ie. 1kg of Iron Ore refining to >1kg of Iron Ingots, which is physically impossible), no longer occurs, and the refinery's effectiveness at converting ore to ingots is now capped at 100%, regardless of the number or type of upgrade modules added. This means that even with 4 Effectiveness Modules, (now called "Yield Modules"), added to the refinery, 1kg of Iron Ore will still produce a maximum of 1kg of Iron Ingots no matter what. However, where the final modified conversion ratio of the refinery for a specific ore is equal to or less than 1-1 after all Effectiveness (Yield) modules are taken into account, the refinery and effectiveness modules behave normally, (ie a refinery normally refines Platinum Ore into Platinum Ingots at 0.5% efficiency; a refinery with 4 Effectiveness (Yield) modules doubles the output, which is still only 1.0%, well below 100%, and thus is not capped at all).


Icon Block Empty Effectiveness Module
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Motor Motor5
Icon Item Metal Grid Metal Grid10
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube15
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component50
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate8020