Escape pod Portside bow view

Stripped of all key equipment, an Engineer will be in a major dilemma after selecting this vessel. The Escape pod should be chosen as a near last resort when starting a new game or survival series. If the Cargo Ships and Encounters are off, it will not be possible to continue or progress the game. Further hindering its utility, the Escape pod has no assembler, and no refinery. Instead of the usual base equipment the Engineer start out with. Surviving with the Escape pod is a big problem in itself, because it forces the pilot to either live off the charity of others, scavenge when what has been abandoned, or to turn to piracy in order to survive. The damaged Escape pod was designed before the introduction of Planets to Space Engineers and therefore was not designed for planetary re-entry. Given that the Escape pod uses Small Ion Thrusters for propulsion its mass and force are not enough to survive the impact of a planetary landing. This version of the escape pod was meant to drift along in deep space until help has arrived. For newer Engineers it is highly recommended to select either Respawn Ship 1 the Rescue Ship or Respawn Ship 3 for their first expedition on a server.

Other Respawn options:

  1. Respawn Ship
  2. Respawn Ship 2
  3. Respawn Ship 3
  4. Small drill ship
  5. Escape Pod (this page)
  6. Space Suit
  7. Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1
    1. Location Earth a.k.a PlanetaryLander
    2. Location Mars a.k.a. Mars Planet Lander
    3. Location Alien Planet a.k.a. Alien Planet Lander  

Contents & Equipment

  • Medium Cargo Container
  • Cockpit
  • Small Reactor
  • Small Thrusters


  • Metal Grid

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