Icon Item Explosives

Category:Component Item

Component for construction

Mass:2 kg
Volume:2 L

Data Controls: [edit] [purge] (?)

Icon Item Explosives Explosives are a component item used in construction. If dropped in the world they will explode when shot.

The explosion radius of a stack of Explosives is 10 cm * (number of Explosives in stack), scales linearly (up to 1 km and above), and causes roughly 54% damage to a Light Armor Block. Explosives are orange and are rather compact for their punch. Explosives can be detonated from an Icon Item Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle. They do not have to be built into a block to be dangerous. However, using a rifle to detonate a pile Explosives does not necessarily lead to linear explosion size and force. Further more randomly placing explosives may lead to server clean up removing them as a floating object. But, as an impromptu weapon and improvised explosive device, they make swift and excellent anti-personal mines.

As seen in the picture, that same pile of explosives is detonated remotely with an Automatic Rifle below.



Material Quantity
Icon Item Magnesium Powder Magnesium Powder 2.00
Icon Item Silicon Wafer Silicon Wafer 0.50


Explosives are only required to construct one block:

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