Fighter , front portside Beta 1.166 12/18/2016

The Fighter is a Pre-Built Ship that generates when creating a new world on the Easy Start 1 and Easy Start 2 maps. A Mass of 21,837 kg makes this ship the galactic standard for Ion thruster fighters. It appears that this ship, while not only the first designed fighter craft space craft it contains no oxygen tank or oxygen generator. This forces the pilot to rely heavily on oxygen bottles, but makes up for this weakness in bottle supply and maneuverability. Oddly enough just two Icon Block Gyroscope Gyroscopes are enough to accomplish task.


Fighter , portside aft Beta 1.166 12/18/2016

The Gatling guns are connected to their Icon Block Small Cargo Container Small Cargo Containers for use as ammunition bins. The Icon Block Rocket Launcher Rocket Launchers have to be reloaded manually from the front however.


Fighter , top Beta 1.166 12/18/2016

Due to its relatively light load out, it appears that this Fighter was really designed to be a short ranged interceptor. It also goes to show the progress the game has made from Alpha to Beta. Showing an enhanced vision and route Keen Software House has taken with regards to the mechanics of space. The dual Icon Block Ejector Ejectors which were originally designed to eject the shell casings of the of the Gatling guns demonstrate the antiquity of the design, because Gatling shell casings no longer exist as a debris component. The amount of thrusters has also been more than doubled; from 16 small thrusters to 31 small Ion Thrusters. The Large Ion Thrusters also have been doubled from one Large thruster to two Large Ion Thrusters. It should also be noted that this design is pre-dates the introduction of Atmospheric Thrusters and Hydrogen Thrusters. It was from a time when all thrusters were assumed as Ion thrusters and thus were only labeled as thrusters. Its upgrade also introduced the Remote Control block to this vessel. Its power systems also saw an upgrade with the replacing of ten Icon Block Small Reactor Small Reactors with five Small Reactors and one Icon Block Large Reactor Large Reactor revamping the power output to 17.25 MW. While replacing the Icon Block Collector Collector with a Icon Block Connector Connector. Finally, dropping one Icon Block Landing Gear Landing Gear for a total of two.
Combat ship

Pre_Beta image of Fighter. (Alpha version of Fighter )


Maneuvering systems

Defensive systems

Power systems

Cargo and conveyor systems

Utility systems


Control groups

  • Connectors - Contains the ship's Ejectors.
  • Support reactors - Contains two of the ship's reactors.


  • The ship's "support reactors" are not attached to its conveyor system. The same goes for its Rocket Launchers, which would need to be reloaded manually.
  • The ship has 10 Small Reactors, compared to the Miner's 1 Small and 1 Large. This is likely intended to lower to chance of catastrophic power loss during combat by having extreme redundancy.

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