Flight Seat
Icon Block Flight Seat

Category:Functional Block

Allows the player to pilot the ship, recharge suit power, and access ship systems.

Fits large ship and station
Mass:320 kg

Data Controls: [edit] [purge] (?)

The Icon Block Flight Seat Flight Seat is a variant of the cockpit that can only be installed on Large Ships. It looks nearly the same as the Icon Block Control Station Control Station, except that it has fewer displays. This is reflected in its crafting recipe as well, since it requires 6 fewer Icon Item Display Displays to build.


Note: the following assumes default key bindings.

The cockpit is essential for any form of ship, and can be important for a station. Press 'T' to enter the cockpit. Once inside, suit power will begin to recharge from the ship's reactors; an unpowered cockpit will not recharge the suit, but it will maintain the suit indefinitely at the same power level. Piloting ships is done in much the same way as moving your avatar with the jetpack and uses the same controls. Pressing 'K' will open the Control Panel, allowing access to the settings on most functional blocks in the ship. While they can be accessed through the control panel, Landing Gear, Reactors and Spotlights can be quickly manipulated using the cockpit. Pressing 'P' will simultaneously toggle all landing gear between unlocked and locked (if they are in proximity). Pressing 'Y' will toggle all reactors between off and on. Pressing 'L' will toggle all lights on and off.

On ships with equipped weapons, Grinders, Welders or Drills, a pilot can press the 'G' key to open the toolbar config screen. Icons for each type of weapon or tool can be dragged to the hotbar for quick access. Beginning with patch 01.030, the middle mouse button will switch between sets of equipped weapons. A single click will cycle between single-gun and all-gun modes (within the same type; all Rocket Launchers, for example). Double-clicking the middle mouse button will switch to the next weapon of the same type that has ammo loaded.


There are three additional versions of the cockpit. They function identically, but differ in materials needed for construction and which ships they can be built on.

  • Icon Block Cockpit Cockpit is available to both large and small ships, consisting of an enclosed pilot seat with a bulletproof glass canopy. It can be entered from the canopy or the back door. This cockpit allows both first-person and third-person views.
  • Icon Block Control Station Control Station is a luxurious seat with many displays attached. It is only available for large ships and stations. Generally used inside the ship/station. This cockpit only allows third-person view.
  • Icon Block Fighter Cockpit Fighter Cockpit is a sleek, full-featured control module for small ships. It is nearly identical to the standard cockpit, except for its larger size and lack of a back door. This cockpit allows both first-person and third-person views.


To craft Flight Seat in Survival:

Icon Block Flight Seat Flight Seat
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Icon Item Display Display4
Icon Item Computer Computer100
Icon Item Motor Motor2
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component155
Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate1010

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