The IMDC Cerberus Destroyer MK.3 is a NPC ingame random encounter.


Having the firepower like a demon behind a hulled white body. Although sailing by automatic control, do not approach like you would with a drone. When the player approaches, it becomes alert, the door is blocked and the turret is activated. An interpersonal machine gun is installed in most rooms and it is extremely dangerous to infiltrate alone. Missiles will fly from any direction, but there is a weak point because only at the back of the ship.

It is are armed Destroyer that when attacked spawns a craft known as IMDC Vulture Fighter Bomber. This ship is constructed of 4041 blocks, and is armed with 14 interior turrets, 4 Gatling Turrets and 7 Rocket Launches. The front of the ship has 5 Rocket Launchers at the front of the ship which can be controlled by a player.

From information i could obtain from the game files the ship will be stationary but will automatically gain speed using a remote control, and programming block. Most likely it also has a flee way point similar to smaller craft.

Power Supply:

Large Reactor: 1

Small Reactor: 5

Batteries: 8

Solar Panels: 0


  • IMDC" stands for the ship's prefix, stands for the company name "Interstellar Mining and Defense Corp
  • IMDC Cerberus - class Destroyer : Although it has been updated several times and there is a difference in specs, it is probably this.



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