The Inventory terminal is the Space Engineer's interface to items held in either his personal pack, a small/medium/Large Cargo Container, Small/Large Reactor, Assembler, or Refinery. Access is gained by pressing "K" (default) to get into the space engineer's personal pack, or by going to an access door to the other aforementioned objects.

Storing Items

Grabbing an item (default "T") will place an item in the environment into the space engineer's personal pack. In Survival Mode, Inventory is limited in two fashions: Volume (represented in liters, "L") and Mass (represented in Kilograms, "Kg"). When the total volume has been reached, then the player or the container can no longer accept any more items.

Remove items

Drag unwanted items in the drop box to dispose of the item. Only items in the players personal Inventory may be dropped. Items will be dropped as a stack or single rock in the case of ores and stone.

Objects With Storage

Item types

As mentioned at top, the Small Cargo Container, Medium Cargo Container, Large Cargo Container, Small, Large Reactor, Assembler, and Refinery all have their own inventory space. The cargo containers can hold anything, but the others may only hold specific kinds of items. The image on the right shows the 4 kinds of special slots. From top to bottom: Assembler Components (anything made by the assembler), Ores, any Ingot, Uranium Ingot.

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