The Large Ship Large Hydrogen Thruster is a thruster designed to run on hydrogen, and wa
2015-10-24 00002

Large Ship Large Hydrogen Thruster

s added to the game in Update 01.105. It has a maximum output of 6 MN, and weighs 6940 kg. It has four conveyor ports on each of the four sides perpendicular to the nozzle, and a conveyor port on the side opposite the nozzle. The thruster require Hydrogen to operate and can receive it through the conveyor system from a Hydrogen Tank.

The Small Ship Large hydrogen thruster has a maximum output of 400 kN and weigh 1222 kg. They have only one conveyor on opposite the nozzle.
2015-10-24 00006

Small Ship Large Hydrogen Thruster

Note: Hydrogen Thrusters consume fuel at a very high rate.

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