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The Icon Block Laser Antenna Laser Antenna is used to connect two laser Antennas together via light signals not unlike morse code. In game their max range is 40 km. While the regular large grid Antenna's have an effective signal range of 50km. The Laser Antenna's main advantage is the hidden signal attribute. Laser Antenna's do not broadcast like conventional Beacons or Antennas do, but can still be used to control grids owned by the same Engineer's faction. This means it is possible to setup up a remote satellite array as long as the Laser Antennas are within sight range of their partner. This allows the control of remote grids without the player being physically next to the grid they wish to manipulate. Laser Antennas will attempt to reconnect to their partner Laser Antenna until their settings are changed. Obstacle disruption will disconnect the two Laser Antennas.

A Connection is established when the Control panel's text box select gives the name of both Laser Connected grids.

Partnering Laser Antennas can be tricky. Setup is relatively easy, but varies on location and distance. Hitting the [Copy my Coords] button will take the location of Laser Antenna 1 (Let's call him Charlie). Then paste [Past Coords], in the partner Laser Antenna 2. Laser Antenna 2 ( Sarah) will then look for Charlie. But, Laser Antenna 1 is still Idle. The Engineer then must [Copy my Coords] from (Sarah) and paste it to Charlie. Laser Antenna 1 will then meet lens contact with Laser Antenna 2. Charlie will meet Sarah. T

Keep in mind that Earth's gravity well is roughly about 43km in height.


Terminal Use


Icon Block Laser Antenna Laser Antenna
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof Glass42
20px Superconductor Component10010
Icon Item Motor Motor165
Icon Item Radio-communication Components Radio-communication Components205
Icon Item Computer Computer5030
Icon Item Detector Components Detector Components30
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube10
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component4010
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate401064


Removed Blocks

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