A Map is the template by which a new world is generated; "infinite" worlds later expand as the player explores it. When making a new world, the player is presented with a few options.

Easy Start 1

The player spawns on a flat station platform with all the facilities they'll need to survive. All three Small Ships, the Fighter, Miner, and Constructor are docked here. The Large Ship Red 1 is hovering alongside the platform. A second large ship, Blue 2, can be found nearby in space.

Easy Start 2

The player spawns on a fully constructed station with several large and small ships. Like on the first map, Red 1 and Blue 2 are found at or near the station. There are only two small ships here, one is a Fighter and the other is a Constructor. There is also a framework for a large ship floating in space nearby, consisting mostly of incomplete armor blocks.

Lone Survivor

On this map, the player spawns on a flat station platform with some basic utilities: Assembler, Beacon, Cockpit 2, Refinery, Small Reactor, and a few Landing Gear with one block of a Small Ship clamped to them.

Crashed Red Ship

The player spawns in the wreckage of a large red ship that had crashed into an asteroid. The ship was Red 1, but is missing most of its front half. It is still flyable, but lacks the basic utilities. This can be an interesting challenge in Survival mode.

Two Platforms

This is nearly identical to the Lone Survivor map, except that there are two identical stations. This is ideal for multiplayer games with competing teams.


The player spawns in a Rescue Ship in a sector with asteroids, but no other ships or stations. It has all the basic utilities, which can make it an easy start in Survival mode. However the ship has very little fuel.

Empty World

The player spawns in a world without ships, stations, or asteroids. This map is ideal for playing in Creative mode, serving as a clean canvas.

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