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Military Transporter isometric

A view from the rear and right.

The Military Transporter is a Pre-Built Large Ship that spawns when the "Cargo Ships" option is enabled in the world options. It features a lot of heavy armor plating, and handles very slowly because of it.

The ship's Large Reactor is attached to the same Small Cargo Container as its rear turret and the other turrets have their own dedicated containers. Otherwise, the ship has essentially no conveyor system, presumably because it is not designed with cargo in mind.


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The military transporter is by far the largest and most heavily armed NPC ship presently in space engineers mounting 2 gatlings on the forward facing, 1 gatling on the rear, 1 missile and gatling turret dorsally, 1 gatling ventrally, and a missile turret on port and starboard sides, in addition to this, almost the entire hull is plated in heavy armor.

The gatlings will not open fire until you close within ~700m, the missiles within ~400m, as such one strategy is to match speed and heading with the ship and pick off the point defenses from a safe distance. Another option is to eject junk materials towards the ship so that the turrets are distracted by your cloud of chaff, allowing you to park your ship in a blind spot on the hull, or move in closer for a better shot.

It's worth noting that the octagonal pods towards the aft of the ship obscure line of sight for the port and starboard missile turrets. In addition to the limited turrets at the rear of the ship, this makes approach from rear/ventral direction the safest approach.

In addition to this also being the safest approach, a quirk of engineering in the transporter's design also exposes a vulnerability here; at the rear of the vessel, inset from the rear engines is a small alcove in the hull, surrounded by interior walls. A single well placed missile into this alcove can destroy the ship's primary reactor and render the ship completely helpless.

Ingress Edit

The front of the ship has a large cargo door with space for personnel to slip in the gap, alternatively you can "pop" the armor block in the top corner to break the door off, allowing a small craft to enter through the hangar/cargo bay. Alternatively there are visible pods on the sides of the ship, which have doors entering into the ships corridors (After cutting through a protective catwalk barricade).

The ship has 2 seperate decks connected by stairwells at the fore, on both port and starboard side, as well as shafts port and starboard side, mid-ship. The upper floor provides access to the reactor at the aft of the ship, while the lower floor provides access to the bridge (aft), and cargo bay (fore). The stairwells at the front, the cargo bay, as well as the atrium outside the bridge are all protected by interior turrets; so you will need to kill the power, or bring an assault rifle to get past them.

A sting in the tail... Edit

Finally, don't forget this ship is also booby trapped, see the "trap" section at the bottom for precise location and ways to disable it. Attempting to engage the ships inertial dampers without taking proper precautions will cause it to detonate, likely destroying the bridge (as well as you and the cargo bay) in the process.


Maneuvering blocksEdit

Defensive blocksEdit

Power systemsEdit

Cargo systemsEdit

Utility blocksEdit



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This article or section contains details about the game which players may be intended to discover on their own!
Trap Type Location Screenshot(s)
Thruster Bomb The thruster bomb is located underneath the Large Cargo Container in the front cargo bay. Grind out the floor block directly in front of it to find the thruster nozzle.

(Small Thruster 28)

2014-04-15 00007


  • One should be weary of the underside thrusters (plus one gatling turret) when landing, as they can damage platforms either through contact or thrust.

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