The Miner is a Pre-Built Ship that generates when creating a new world on the Easy Start 1 map.

An altered new version of the miner has less Ion Thrusters from sixteen down to twelve. It has also seen the loss of its Large Thruster, replacing it with a convenient Icon Block Connector Connector for a fast ore dump. Compounding this mass alteration has lead the developers to remove the Icon Block Large Reactor Large Reactor. Placing the Miner with four Icon Block Small Reactor Small Reactors and a Icon Block Battery Battery instead. Placing its maximum power output at 1.00 MW, and a fuel time of three days in idle. Compounding the mass down grade of the vessel; its Icon Block Gyroscope Gyroscopes have been reduced to two in total. Ripping one Icon Block Spotlight Spotlight out for a total of one. Finally, completely removing the Icon Block Ejector Ejectors altogether. The reason for these decisions has yet to be known. One notable feature though has been the introduction of the Icon Block Empty Oxygen Generator adding to its utility and allowing for long term mining, while replacing one of its Icon Block Medium Cargo Container Medium Cargo Containers.


Miner , top portside Beta 1.166 12/18/2016

However, it has gained an Icon Block Antenna Antenna signaling its designation and vessel name; "Miner." The simplified and possible lighter Mass of the Miner is the result. This sleeker, thinner profile allows the miner to be a better burrower machine. Possible making the Miner an easier vessel to pilot. Because of this the Icon Block Landing Gear Landing Gears have been removed. The addition for the Connector allows the vessel to not only charge its Battery from a station or a larger craft, but allows for fast ore dumping.


Miner , portside Beta 1.166 12/18/2016

Mining ship

Miner in early Alpha Space Engineers. Note the basic thrusters and opaque cockpit.


Maneuvering systems

Power systems

Cargo and processing systems

Conveyor system

Utility systems


Control groups

  • Connector right side - Contains the two Ejectors on the right side of the ship.
  • Connector left side - Contains the two Ejectors on the left side of the ship.
  • Drills group - Contains the ship's Drills, to quickly turn them on and off.
  • Collectors group - Contains the ship's Collectors.
  • Gyroscope group - Contains the ship's Gyroscopes, to quickly adjust their power.
  • Thrusters group - Contains the ship's thrusters.


  • In the control panel, the names of control groups and the various Ejectors have not been updated since the blocks were renamed in Update 01.031.
  • The ship's Small Reactor is not attached to its conveyor system.
  • The ship has twice as many Gyroscopes as the Fighter. This may be to compensate for instability caused by its Drills.

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