Turret, Missile
Icon Block Missile Turret


Fits large ship and station
Mass:1,256.4 kg
Capacity:384 L
Power:2 kW
Force:unknown N
Range:800 m

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The Icon Block Missile Turret Missile Turret is a block in Space Engineers which can be placed on Large Ships and Stations. It is an automated defense weapon which fires rockets from 200mm missile containers, allowing it to take out even Large Ships.


The Missile Turret will fire upon targets defined from the control panel. The options include meteors, moving objects, missiles, small ships, large ships, and stations. These can be selected individually or in any combination. Due to their slow speed, rockets are rather ineffective against alert and maneuvering Small Ships, but come into their element when used against other Large Ships and Stations.

The Missile Turret fires in bursts of six. Contrary to the implications of its name, its rounds are unguided.

If two missiles come within close proximity (about 8m) they will both detonate. This allows for costly but effective and spectacular missile defense.

As of update 01.051 turrets can be manually controlled through a cockpit. This can be done by entering the terminal and clicking on the "Control" button or by adding the turret to the toolbar. Players can end manual control by pressing 'T'.

Like other automated turrets, the Missile Turret will be "distracted" by Decoys. It seems to give them priority when choosing targets.


Missile Turrets have an inventory with a volume of 384 L with Realistic settings. It will only accept 200mm missile containers as ammunition, of which it can hold six. If connected to a Conveyor system, the turret will pull ammo from the network when its supply runs low.


Icon Block Missile Turret Missile Turret
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Icon Item Computer Computer12
Icon Item Motor Motor16
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube6
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component3010
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate515

Known Issues

The launcher tubes are considerably spread out. However, after the turret verifies line of sight for one tube, it proceeds to fire four tubes, some of which can have their line of fire obstructed - which translates to the turret hitting its own ship. Due to splash damage the turret is quite likely to destroy itself.

The "magazine" of the launcher has only one rocket loaded. All subsequent "magazines" will hold four missiles.



Space Engineers - Missile Turrets, Redesigned default structures, Ship gun fire mode

Space Engineers - Missile Turrets, Redesigned default structures, Ship gun fire mode


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