Power Cell
Icon Item Power Cell

Category:Component Item

Component for construction

Mass:25 kg
Volume:45 L

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Icon Item Power Cell Power Cell is a component item used in the construction of blocks. As of version 157013 Cobalt is no longer needed to manufacture Power Cells. Making them a more feasible source of energy for planetary endeavors. Additionally, they are now cheaper to produce. Power Cells are also vital to finishing a Jump Drive block.



Material Quantity
Icon Item Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 10.00
Icon Item Nickel Ingot Nickel Ingot 2.00
Icon Item Silicon Wafer Silicon Wafer 1.00


Power Cells are required to construct the following blocks:

Icon Item Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof Glass, Icon Item Computer Computer, Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component, Icon Item Detector Components Detector Components, Icon Item Display Display, Icon Item Explosives Explosives, Icon Item Girder Girder, Icon Item Gravity Generator Components Gravity Generator Components, Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate, Icon Item Medical Components Medical Components, Icon Item Metal Grid Metal Grid, Icon Item Motor Motor, Icon Item Power Cell Power Cell, Icon Item Radio-communication Components Radio-communication Components, Icon Item Reactor Components Reactor Components, Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate, Icon Item Large Steel Tube Steel Tube, Large, Icon Item Small Steel Tube Steel Tube, Small, Icon Item Solar Cell Solar Cell, 20px Superconductor Component, Icon Item Thruster Components Thruster Components

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