Power Efficiency Module


Power Efficiency Module , top Beta 1.166 12/19/2016

This module allows the 20px Refinery to operate at the same efficiency with less power consumption. Ideal in situations where power is limited and a ready upgrade for a reactor is not ideal. This module can be used on both 20px Assemblers and Refineries. Because of that, it may be an ideal module to invest into due to its relatively simple recipe.

This module like other modules has a dimension of 1x1x2 (Height x Width x Depth ), and is only available for Large Grids.


Power Efficiency Module , bottom Beta 1.166 12/19/2016


Icon Block Empty Power Efficiency Module
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Motor Motor2
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube10
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube20
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component40
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate8020

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