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Red 1 isometric

A view from the top and left.

Red 1 is a Pre-Built Large Ship that is present, along with the Blue 2, on the Easy Start 1 and Easy Start 2 maps. A vessel of the Red 1 class is also present in the Crashed Red Ship scenario, where the player starts near a unit which has collided with an asteroid. As a result of the collision, the ship's front has been destroyed/mangled beyond recognition, but its propulsion systems are still operational.

The ship has two cockpits. One is located near the rear, while the other is in a glass canopy at the very front. The latter can be flown in first-person view.


Although there is no official large ship classification system in the game, the Red 1 appears to have been designed as a light carrier, as it is equipped with a large hangar accessible from the front and the sides, and a hangar deck reinforced with heavy armor blocks (which is highly resistant to small ship thrusters).

In any case, the large hangar with its multiple entrances makes this ship suitable for use as a mothership for small ships.


Physical Properties

Length: 48 blocks (120m)

Width: 27 blocks (67,5m)

Height: 19 blocks (47,5m)

Mass: 2'633'223 kg (Mass data taken from Easy Start 1, supplies in the conveyor system may alter the indicated weight to some extent)

Maneuvering systems

1x Icon Block Control Station Cockpit 2 1x Icon Block Flight Seat Cockpit 3

Defensive systems

Power systems

Cargo systems

Loaded cargo includes:

Utility systems


  • There is a control group set by default called *Gatling turrets* which, despite being plural, contains the one and only Gatling Turret on the ship.
  • There is a second control group called *Door* which contains all of the Doors in the ship.
  • All inventories are attached to the ship's conveyor system.


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