Remote Control Block
Icon Block Remote Control Block

Category:Functional Block

Used to control ships remotely.

Fits small ship
Mass:35.2 kg
Power:-10 kW

Fits large ship and station
Mass:137 kg
Power:-10 kW

Data Controls: [edit] [purge] (?)

The Icon Block Remote Control Block Remote Control Block allows players to control a ship from a distance. In order to remotely access another ship, both must have an Antenna owned by or shared with the player. Then the player must access the ship's terminal and activate the control block using the "Control" button. Again, the control block must be owned by or shared with the player.

While linked, the player is able to pilot the ship as though sitting in a cockpit at the control block's location. The link can be ended by pressing the 'T' key. If either antenna stops working or either ship moves out of broadcast range, the link is broken.

As the block does not change the viewpoint of the operator, it is usually combined with a forward-facing Camera on the drone ship.


The block has an autopilot function. To use the autopilot function, waypoints must be added to the waypoint list. To add a waypoint select a coordinate previously acquired then click the "Add" button to copy the coordinate from the "GPS Locations" list to the "Waypoints" list. The Remote control will interpret the list as a queue, starting from the top and working its way to the bottom.

The autopilot function operates in three modes.

  • Patrol - The block will move the ship to each waypoint starting from the top. When the bottom waypoint is reached the block will progress up the queue starting from the bottom and progress through the top. When the autopilot reaches the top of the queue it will repeat the queue cycle.
  • Circle- The block will move the ship in accordance with the queue and then repeat the queue starting with the first waypoint.
  • One Way - The block will move the ship in accordance with the queue and stop at the last waypoint, then toggles off autopilot automatically.

Terminal options

  • Show on HUD - Toggle whether or not its location is broadcast through an onboard antenna.
  • Control thrusters - Allows or disables thruster controls.
  • Control wheels - Allows or disables wheel controls.
  • Handbrake - Allows or disables handbrake controls.
  • Inertia dampeners - Allows or disables Inertia dampeners.
  • Control - The button to initiate a control link.
  • Autopilot - Toggle whether or not it travels to selected Waypoints.


Icon Block Remote Control Block Remote Control Block
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer151
Icon Item Motor Motor11
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component101
Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate5511



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