Respawn Ship 3 Starboard

A mass of 110,151 kg does not hurt or diminish this vehicle's maneuverability. It starts off with 5 kg of Uranium Ingots in the Small Reactor. Combined with the large refinery, respawn ship 3 is one of the best ships to select on most survival maps on the Engineer's respawn screen. Experienced players can use this ship in just about any server, asteroid survival scenario given, as long as the pilot is cautious enough to not die. It comes with an Assembler, Refinery, Oxygen Generator, and Small Cargo Container. The convenience of the ship is such that all the Conveyors are connected. The pilot can refuel, refill, and re-energize by sitting in the cockpit. Furthermore since it is one of the two respawn ships to have a full size refinery. The pilot only needs to worry about finding Uranium Ore and throwing it into a conveyor door, since refineries can smelt uranium ore into uranium ingots for fuel. In fact the one major feature this ship (Respawn Ship 3) lacks in comparison with Respawn Ship 1 is a Medical Room.

Other Respawn options:

  1. Respawn Ship
  2. Respawn Ship 2
  3. Respawn Ship 3 (this page)
  4. Small drill ship
  5. Escape Pod
  6. Space Suit
  7. Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1
    1. Location Earth a.k.a. PlanetaryLander
    2. Location Mars a.k.a. Mars Planet Lander
    3. Location Alien Planet a.k.a. Alien Planet Lander  

Contents & Equipment


Notes / Trivia

  • Respawn Ship 3 is the second best ship to choose after Respawn Ship 1.
  • Respawn Ship 3 is the only other space-faring respawn vessel to have a full-sized refinery.
  • Respawn Ship 3 shares the same yellow as Respawn Ship 1, but lacks the color black.

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