One of the more useful respawn ships to have in any dock, the respawn small drill ship has a mass of 12,874 kg. Oddly, enough the small ship is nimble enough to be converted into a fighter. It contains four small ship small reactors with 0.5 Uranium Ingots per reactor. While this would normally be an issue, the drill ship is designed

to pull this ore. However it is unable to smelt or process this ore due to the fact, that it has no refinery or assemblers. The small conveyor tube system pumps the ore into the Medium Cargo Container, where the Oxygen Generator pulls the ice from the medium cargo container to be converted into oxygen for the pilot. Pilots who select this ship are either team players, contractors, or traders. This would be due to the fact of the lack of 5.56x45mm NATO magazines in its


Medium Cargo Container.

Other Respawn options:

  1. Respawn Ship
  2. Respawn Ship 2
  3. Respawn Ship 3
  4. Small Drill Ship (this page)
  5. Escape Pod
  6. Space Suit
  7. Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1
    1. Location Earth a.k.a. PlanetaryLander
    2. Location Mars a.k.a. Mars Planet Lander
    3. Location Alien Planet a.k.a. Alien Planet Lander  

Contents & Equipment


Notes / Trivia

  • The design is solid enough for a miner ship, but for lone survivors its lack of processing abilities leaves it wanton.
  • Its blue-white paint scheme is shared among Respawn Ship 2, Atmospheric Lander mk.1 and all of the Blue ships.
  • The presence of blue-white respawn ships may hint that all Engineers all inherently are apart of Team blue in Space Engineers. Given that all pirates uniformly Red and Black.

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