Space Engineer (Player)
Space Engineer
Vital statistics
Position Engineer[citation needed]
Age about 35-40[citation needed]
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 1.85m
Weight 100kg[citation needed] + Mass of inventory

The Space Engineer is the representation or avatar of the player. Upon creating a new save file a Space Engineer is spawned. The Space Engineer is the player's way of interacting with the environment. Keyboard and Mouse controls are used to manipulate the Engineer. Space Engineers can handle tools to create blocks or mine ores, carry equipment and materials, and pilot ships.

Standard starting colors are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Black. The Engineer will start with a random color, but can change it at a Icon Block Medical Room Medical Room where a full color range is available.


Vitality is determined by three factors: Health, Suit Energy and Oxygen. The two first can be regenerated by interacting with the Medical Room. Suit energy can also be regenerated by sitting in a Cockpit of a powered vehicle, this will not regenerate health. For information about how oxygen works, see Oxygen Mechanics.

Health can be negatively impacted by weapons such as the Rifle, Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher. Tools like the Welder and Grinder if used on other players can deliver significant damage. High speed collisions with other objects can also cause damage.  Once health reaches 0% the player is killed and prompted to respawn.

Suit Energy is continuously consumed to maintain a suitable environment for the engineer inside the suit. Using the jet pack or any tools such as the hand drill, welder, and grinder increase this consumption causing the suit to run out of energy at an increased rate. A warning is displayed in red text once the suit reaches critical levels of 20% or less providing the player time to find a Cockpit or Medical Room to recharge. If the suit reaches 0% energy the player's tools will no longer function. The jet pack stays on as long as you have hydrogen and you will not suffocate if you take your helmet off. Upon death, the player can respawn.


When not in a cockpit, the player can access their personal inventory by pressing the 'I' key. With Realistic settings, players can hold a total volume of 400L of items in their inventory.

Key Commands

There are many more commands, for a complete list, see Key Bindings

The standard WASD commands are used for walking forward/backward, strafing right/left while the mouse is used for turning. Q and E will rotate the engineer.

  • Pressing 'G' players can configure their Tool Bar.
  • Pressing 'I' players can access their Inventory or, if sitting in a cockpit, the ship or station's inventory.
  • Pressing 'K' players can access their Terminal, displaying what items they currently have and those in the ship or stations cargo holds.
  • Pressing 'F1' players can view a help screen that lists other useful keys.
  • Pressing 'Esc' will pull up the game menus allowing access to game settings and save/load options.
  • Pressing 'V' will toggle camera modes between first and third person.

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