Symmetry Mode
The Symmetry mechanic allows rapid mirrored building of a ship. It displays as a translucent plane in either red, green, or blue, according to the axis it is placed.
Note: The Symmetry Tool is only available in the Creative gameplay mode.

Placing Planes

To select which axis is mirrored, have a block ready to place on a ship, hover over the desired block to set the mirror point, press the symmetry hot key (default: M) pressing multiple times to toggle through the 3 axes and the off set of each (7 modes: center-of-block-red, edge-of-block-red, center-green, edge-green, center-blue, edge-blue, exit placement mode), and then left click to place. One, Two, or all three axis may be in place at once, but only one of each.

To remove a symmetry plane, select the same axis and off set then right click anywhere on the ship.

Use of the Mode

The planes being set does not activate symmetry mode. To use symmetry mode on a ship, the player must activate it (default: N). Same hot key is used to turn it off. All placed planes will be used if symmetry is active.

Once the planes are in place and symmetry mode is active, all block placement will be mirrored on the opposing side of the plane so long as there is space and a block for it to connect. Two blocks will be placed if 1 plane is active; 4 blocks if 2 planes; and 8 blocks if 3 planes.


  • Copying and pasting station blocks with symmetry planes attached to them and connecting them together will cause multiple sets of the same plans to show for the same station. However, the planes are only active for their original blocks.

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