Tests done in x,y,z,  with the use of keyboard ONLY.

Gyroscopes seem to move a craft toward a maximum rotational speed, upon hitting that speed they no longer accelerate.

Mass Thrusters Gyros Time for 10 rev. Time for 1 rev.
8885 kg 6 1 23 sec 3.7 sec
8875 kg 6 2 22 sec 2.9 sec
8864 kg 6 3 22 sec 2.6 sec

Note how the time for all three ships to complete 10 revolutions is about the same.  It is quite possible there is a game limit on rotational speed between 2.3 seconds per revolution and 140 rpm.  The next test is if radius of the ship has any effect whatsoever on the the craft's ability to rotate.  In order to test this a single "T" shaped ship was used and the dimentions of the ship were recorded.

Mass Thusters Gyros Span Time for 1 rev.
17,885 kg 6 1 8 blocks (in X) 3.0 sec
17,888 kg 6 1 5 blocks (in Y) 3.0 sec
17.885 kg 6 1 25 blocks (in Z) 4.3 sec

It its possible that the dimentions in X,Y,Z affects pitch, yaw, and roll?   Goodness, this keeps raising questions.  .

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