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  • Juper0

    Next Block

    July 25, 2014 by Juper0

    Yeah! we got pistons! i was hoping for those! What will next weeks block be?

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  • Juper0


    June 22, 2014 by Juper0

    I like mods to games. they breath life into a game that I have played through and enjoyed, but now don't know where to go. SE has an extensive Modding Community already and the devs recently released a video on how to install mods.

    So what Mods do you all use? Also, should we include a mods page here and what is our criteria for having them? how do we organize blocks from mods and keep them separate from the vanilla?

    I am not much on strictly cosmetic blocks, but I totally appreciate the work into them and some are very impressive or make me laugh. anyway, here are a few mods i think are a bit on the necessary side:

    • G-Menu expander, because there are more blocks than there is space in the menu)
    • Control panel you can place anywhere without havi…
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  • Juper0

    Wiki Structure

    May 1, 2014 by Juper0

    So I realize many people will not care just how this site is built, but for those of use who are going to be active, I would like to ask how people want a few things to be done.

    1. Structure: should we have a pyramid or flat linking system?

    • right now it is shaping up to be pyramid. the more common variant. This means that there are several top pages that will describe how a concept works, then clearly link to all page within the subject matter. i.e. Blocks gives a description of what blocks are and how to use them, build them, and how they are destroyed. then there are links to all the blocks. there is no description of Components or links to their pages. the blocks page is also linked to on the main page. placing it as a top level page, but…
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  • Juper0

    the future of SE

    April 26, 2014 by Juper0

    Here are some things I am hoping to see int he future. I know this is not a place that the devs look for suggestions. I am just letting my imagination out. Maybe some of this is in the works. maybe some will never come to be. I'm just hoping. if I were a game dev, this is what I would add... eventually. more to come i am sure. I am not including weapons or wiring in this cause that will lead to hundreds of ideas. but this is a good beginning. what are you all looking forward to in the game? is there anything you hope NOT to see?

    • pistons / hydraulics -- we got rotors to give a circular motion, and with work can give a back and forth motion, but that is a LOT of work. nothing remotely practical for survival mode. I am thinking of a single com…

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  • Juper0


    April 26, 2014 by Juper0

    as you all can see. there is a "featured" article on the main page. what makes a page "great" or otherwise noteworthy enough to make it a featured page? leave a comment below and any page you think should be included on the feature page list.

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