Hi All,

I am Juper0 (that is a zero). I would like to say hi to all current and future contributors. I have been on wikia for about a year at the time of this post. I have done a lot of work with Warframe and Terraria, as well as a personal site for a P&P RPG. I love adventure and builder games more than any other kind. Sci-Fi is a great bonus. I do not currently own the game Space Engineers, but as soon as I do I will contribute more content. for now I am working on styling, grammar, general layout and what ever else the admins want me to work. Please feel free to drop me a line for this wikia or any other. I love having a little project.

Don't be shy to start contributing. mistakes happen and we can quickly fix them. just let us know if you don't know what is going on. everyone starts some where. most of what i know what from a lot of experimenting and personal pages. Wikia has a lot of cool, built in features for us to take advantage. Keep an eye on this game as it is likely to see updates come in wave (personal prediction from past exp of other games of this sort).

Over all, be kind to one another. styling conflicts happen. if you get in a debate about how something should be presented and the discussion gets heated, let an admin know rather than arguing about it. that never works.

Cheers, and happy Edits!

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