I like mods to games. they breath life into a game that I have played through and enjoyed, but now don't know where to go. SE has an extensive Modding Community already and the devs recently released a video on how to install mods.

So what Mods do you all use? Also, should we include a mods page here and what is our criteria for having them? how do we organize blocks from mods and keep them separate from the vanilla?

I am not much on strictly cosmetic blocks, but I totally appreciate the work into them and some are very impressive or make me laugh. anyway, here are a few mods i think are a bit on the necessary side:

  • G-Menu expander, because there are more blocks than there is space in the menu)
  • Control panel you can place anywhere without having to pull out a reactor or cargo pod.
  • Block Installer to make adding block mods easier. (IDK if it works)
  • Mod Pack with a bunch of mods that should work to start off fast.

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