So I realize many people will not care just how this site is built, but for those of use who are going to be active, I would like to ask how people want a few things to be done.

1. Structure: should we have a pyramid or flat linking system?

  • right now it is shaping up to be pyramid. the more common variant. This means that there are several top pages that will describe how a concept works, then clearly link to all page within the subject matter. i.e. Blocks gives a description of what blocks are and how to use them, build them, and how they are destroyed. then there are links to all the blocks. there is no description of Components or links to their pages. the blocks page is also linked to on the main page. placing it as a top level page, but not the tip of the pyramid. item pages also have subpages, like we have data pages, warframe has pages for each tab, and league of legends has skin and trivia pages for champions.
  • flat linking is where all the major pages are linked to on the main page (or something equivelent). this makes a lot of links. might look like this. Not all that great.
use pyramid or flat Structure?

The poll was created at 04:06 on May 1, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

2. Use of category pages: should category pages be used as main content pages? Pre-Built Ships is use as a main content page right now. I like it, as it means fewer pages to manage, so information does not get behind and neglected on some pages. the slight side effect of this is that we need to remember to make an article page redirected to the cat page so that we do not have to write "[[:category:XYZ]]" everytime we want to link to the page. also, the page will not be included in the default search parameters of the search box, nor will it be listed in the default "all pages" and thus not counted toward total pages. They also do not support comments. but they can have a talk page.

use category pages as main content pages?

The poll was created at 04:03 on May 1, 2014, and so far 4 people voted.

3. Main page: What things should be on the main page and what should not be? does it need an overhaul? no poll for this one. just comment below. there will be more internal buttons to top level pages (or all of them is we go with flat), but we need to make those pages first. think about what you want to see when you go to find a page with info on a game. is the general game content more important, or updated news? do you want lots of imagery or more text? you want featured pages and blogs and so on? do you want the wiki "recent changes" on the main page?

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