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  • Khan95

    Like the title suggests, I made a program for all of you guys to use whenever you need to calculate how long a batch of materials would take to refine!

    I hope you guys find it useful!


    Download (EXE):

    Download (Source):

    (I made the program in Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. I don't know if the source works well in any other software)

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  • Khan95

    Hello! I'm Khan95.

    Today and a few days ago (before I signed up) I edited the Refinery page to include two new categories.

    • "Conversion"; which goes into how much we actually GET from refining our ores.
    • "Production/Consumption Rates"; in which I present the results I gained from timing the ore consumption and ingot production in the Refinery. With these numbers you can (to a certain degree of accuracy) calculate the time it will take for your Refinery (assuming you have no energy issues) to completely refine your current batch of ore! Check it out if you're interested here!

    (ALSO: These values were gathered at 2014/03/20 - Might not be legit at a later time!)

    I hope you all find that information useful and I hope to figure out something else to…

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