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  • Lexmechanic

    We have some disambiguation pages set up for very similar objects. The Cockpits and Wheels, for example. Would it be beneficial to put information common to all those pages on the Disambig and make it available on the specific articles? I can think of two methods:

    Possibility #1 — The general information will be viewable on the disambig pages and we post a link on the other articles something like this:

    For general information regarding Cockpits, click here.

    Possibility #2 — We place general information between tags on the disambig and transclude onto the articles, so that the general information displays on all of them but remains synced. Useful for more intuitive placement and they won't start to disagree with future updates.

    I've implemented…

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  • Lexmechanic

    Engineers revel in a challenge. When there are no problems, they create one, simply so they have something to overcome. At least, that's what the in-game loading screens lead me to believe.

    Regardless, adding a few "house rules" to a game can spice things up a bit.

    I've decided to try starting the "Crashed Red Ship" scenario with all settings to "Realistic" and a "Cataclysmic" level of environment hostility. The additional rules that I set for myself are:

    1. No jetpacking off into space. Only in or around nearby ships/stations/asteroids. All long-distance travel must be done with a ship.
    2. "Cargo Ships" can be enabled, but they must be subdued before boarding them. Which is to say, all the ship's weapons must be destroyed using another ship — eithe…
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  • Lexmechanic

    All the things this wiki identifies as Components are instead called "blocks" in-game. Accessing the Assembler's production, you'll see that the tabs where they are found are labeled "Large blocks" and "Small blocks". Furthermore, there is a tab for "Components" - which contains a sub-grouping of Items whose purpose is to act as the pieces for assembling blocks. As a result, we have ourselves with a bit of an organizational crisis, as the wiki is (in its current state) disagreeing with the game itself.

    I suggest that we move the content of the Component article to a new Block article. Then do a sweep of the wiki and replace all uses of the old concept of components with the term block, so as to remain consistent with in-game naming.

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