Engineers revel in a challenge. When there are no problems, they create one, simply so they have something to overcome. At least, that's what the in-game loading screens lead me to believe.

Regardless, adding a few "house rules" to a game can spice things up a bit.

I've decided to try starting the "Crashed Red Ship" scenario with all settings to "Realistic" and a "Cataclysmic" level of environment hostility. The additional rules that I set for myself are:

  1. No jetpacking off into space. Only in or around nearby ships/stations/asteroids. All long-distance travel must be done with a ship.
  2. "Cargo Ships" can be enabled, but they must be subdued before boarding them. Which is to say, all the ship's weapons must be destroyed using another ship — either by shooting at them, dismantling with a ship grinder, or simply ramming.

Well, that's actually all I've got for the moment. What are some things you do or would suggest to make the experience more interesting?

EDIT: With Update 01.030, cargo ships defend themselves. I am loving that!

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