Version 01.002.009 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 21 Oct 2013


  • fixed startup audio issues
  • fixed crash when cockpit is removed from ships and stations
  • fixed crash during deformation
  • fixed refresh rate issues
  • fixed crash when dragging items to toolbar
  • fixed crash with occlusion queries
  • fixed filesystem unsufficient permission crash
  • fixed render crash after longer play
  • fixed crash in physics when updating shape of light
  • fixed crash when leaving ladder
  • fixed saving issues and crashes
  • fixed cockpit drawing when cockpit was visible through other geomerty (after leaving it)
  • fixed large thrust physics shape
  • precise building mode (building in full interiors is easier)
  • fixed disconnecting small thrust on small ships
  • more visible object highlight
  • fixed crash when assigning controls in options
  • fixed crash when removing block from large station or ship
  • fixed rare crash when building using CTRL key

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