Version 01.004.011 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 01 Nov 2013


  • Inertial dampeners on a ship can be turned on/off - press key 'X' (when off, ship won't auto-decelerate)
  • Modding of 3D models is now possible - see our MODDING page and look for MwmBuilder in the game folder
  • Localizations updated
  • CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys are now bindable
  • Red semi-transmarent gizmo used for showing which blocks are going to be removed is now more visible
  • New buttons for Steam Workshop
  • Minor improvements


  • Fixed corrupted files during saving
  • Steam Workshop screenshots have proper resolution and do not contain saving wheel
  • When language is changed, HUD texts are refreshed
  • Fixed Icon Block Refinery Refinery and Icon Block Large Thruster Large Thruster collision models
  • Fixed few notification texts

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