Version 01.006.009 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 14 Nov 2013

We have added the Symmetry Mode and enabled the Inventory. Also optimized the jet pack movement and Max Speed. For more information, see the tutorial video below.


  • symmetry/mirror mode
    • allows you to build symmetric structures, see tutorial how to use it
    • allows you to set symmetry for each axis separately
    • symmetry plane can be set in the middle of cube or between two cubes (aka odd or even)
  • inventory
    • inventory screen is available
    • items can be moved between inventories
    • you can throw out items (it has physics, reacts to gravity, can damage other objects)
    • you can pick up items
    • when you build a cargo container on a large ship or station, it contains random items
    • each item will have specific purpose in future
  • jetpack movement ('Z' is now 'Damping on/off' for ships and jetpack)
    • added damping On/Off ('Z' key)
    • movement is now more realistic and similar to a small ship
    • ship damping is now on 'Z' key too (to make it consistent)
  • max speed is 104m/s for all objects
    • jetpack, small ship and large ship has max speed 104 m/s
    • you can exit moving small ship and float around


  • memory optimizations
  • fixed nVidia Optimus problems
  • fixed crashes due to memory (when memory limit enabled)
  • fixed crash with missing .NET library
  • fixed crash in DirectX
  • fixed character animations
  • fixed saving/loading problems
  • fixed 3rd person camera issues for ships
  • fixed audio issues (including one type of black screen)
  • fixed missing music sometimes after ALT+TAB
  • updated localization

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