Version 01.010.008 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 12 Dec 2013

We have implemented more settings for Rotors which can now have more functions such as creating gates.

Also, “Motors” will be referred from the next update as “Rotors”.

We have also enabled the rifle (by mistake), but we decided to keep it enabled. Note, that this is not its final functionality but still a work in progress.


  • rotor now applies forces realistically to both bodies
  • added rotor torque setting
  • added rotor braking torque setting
  • added rotor target velocity setting
  • added rotor limits setting
  • added ingot icons and models
  • increased maximum angular velocity
  • updated localization
  • rifle enabled


  • fixed inventory crash
  • fixed beacon shining without electricity
  • fixed rotor loading issues
  • fixed rotor exploding issues
  • fixed other rotor issues
  • fixed issue when landing gear is locked to asteroid and asteroid is drilled
  • fixed missing edges on block cubes
  • fixed issues caused by ore leaving game area

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