Version 01.015.013 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 16 Jan 2014

We have added the first update of the multiplayer mode. We have also added the Russian language and increased the magnetic force on landing gears.

Note, Update 01.015.014: We are working on fixing the lag and server connection issues. Parts of these have been fixed already with the new update version 01.015.014, but there are still many causes that create these issues. We are working constantly on fixing them as well but they will require more time.

Note, Update 01.015.015: We're currently working on fixing the remaining join world issues.

Note, Copy/Paste: We have also made a change to the copy/paste function in Space Engineers. Now it is set by default to “disabled” and in order to use it you have to go to the world settings and enable it.

Important info about the multiplayer: The first multi-player update in Space Engineers. This is just an Alpha of an Alpha and not all data is synchronized across the network. We decided to make it available now, even if it is not 100% ready so we can test it together with the Community. This update is mostly about the creative mode on multiplayer and not for battling with other players. There are still issues when weapons are used to cause a mass destruction. As always, we would appreciate your feedback.


  • multiplayer (creative mode)
  • landing gear magnetic force increased
  • crosshair for small ship weapons
  • improved performance
  • added Russian language

Fixes: Update 01.015.013:

  • fixed audio issues
  • fixed rare crash in drag and drop
  • fixed custom collision shapes
  • fixed placing of some objects (small ship weapons)
  • fixed moving doors

Update 01.015.015:

  • Fixed many synchronization issues
  • Fixed many join world issues
  • Reduced lags in many situations: destruction, shooting, character movement, other
  • Player count can be configured in World Settings

Update 01.015.016:

  • Fixed few character issues
  • Fixed show compatible version checkbox in join game

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