Version 01.052 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 16 October 2014

Assemblers can now cooperate with each other (when enabled in terminal) by taking items from other assembler’s queue and help with transferring materials. Volumetric explosions have been also added; things hidden behind armor (or other blocks) will not get destroyed when the armor survives from the explosion. Additionally, players can now help each other with the new “welder option: help others” - welded blocks will not belong automatically to the player who is helping but to the owner of the ship.


  • assembler cooperation
  • volumetric explosions
  • welder setting: help others
  • antenna broadcasting on/off (including character - "O" key)
  • default world size is now 20 km (size can still be changed to “unlimited” in world settings) 
  • arc furnace can now refine more metals


  • fixed missile explosions right after missile was launched
  • fixed issue with objects not removed when leaving the world
  • fixed respawning of character crossing the world limits
  • fixed broken animations for custom skins
  • fixed cases when components were duplicated by collectors
  • fixed issue with more screens popping up at once
  • fixed auto-save not saving the world regularly
  • fixed view change while pasting modded blueprint
  • fixed game is running before loading screen is closed
  • fixed crash caused by camera view and exiting Remote control
  • fixed custom respawn ship mods not working
  • fixed world corrupted, refinery entity ID replaced
  • fixed sensor triggering action on owned block
  • fixed DS crashed on loading - steamSDK
  • fixed client on DS is not able to join the faction
  • fixed spawned as spectator when loading world

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