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Current version

Version 1.183.0 Major

Release Date: 17 August 2017

Hello, Engineers! With today's major release we are bringing you some amazing additions to the game! From now on, you will be able to personalize your engineer with a broad range of new items! We are introducing 33 customizable skin sets for your engineer, your tools and your weapons. It’s time to show off! On top of that, another brand-new block makes its debut in Space Engineers: A reloadable parachute block for both small and large grid!

We encourage you to provide us your feedback about introduced changes. We've created a new platform for players to submit feedback to the development team. The page provides the possibility to let your voice be heard, or to vote for an idea that the team needs to look at and consider implementing. For more instructions, click here.

This week we've also added mod profiling, which will show a warning to players when mods are running slowly and causing the game to lag. The goal of this tool is to help players understand the problems which are causing poor performance in their game. Sometimes modders aren't aware of performance issues, sometimes they are. Either way, this tool can help you identify what's causing your game to run slow and gives you a chance to report it at appropriate places. As part of this update, we were also able to implement granular, per method, profiling for mods.

To help modders make their code perform better, we've improved multithreading support and prepared a guide which explains some multithreading basics:


  • added 33 astronaut and tool skin sets
  • added persistent character appearance
  • added mysterious containers in Survival mode
  • added reloadable parachute block (Special thanks to Draygo)
  • added canvas component
  • added mod profiling


  • fixed emissivity issue with mag boots
  • fixed conversion rate for small grid O2 Generator
  • fixed GPU warning popping when FPS was above 100
  • fixed projectors not syncing with other players on DS
  • fixed issue with voxel rendering when travelling great distances
  • fixed issue where grids that were cut off acted as if still connected
  • fixed trees grinded/drilled not falling down
  • fixed issue with corrupted world prompt message
  • fixed astronauts wiggly feet
  • fixed crash when two large moving ships crashed into the same voxel
  • fixed ore detector on top of piston/rotor not working properly
  • fixed assembler being unable to pull ingots from connected cargo
  • fixed IGC leak with radio antennas
  • fixed script diagnostics (error reporting) for Mods and Programmable blocks to show correct line numbers

Hotfixes 183.017:

  • fixed joining issue

Older versions

Version: 1.182.3

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Version: 1.182.2

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Version 1.182.1 Minor

Release Date: 27 July 2017

Hello, Engineers! It has been a week since our major update and we are still hard at work on the next one and fixing bugs as well.

The highlight of today's update is the advanced rotor head (small grid) and the advanced rotor part (large grid) causing clang and damaging surrounding grids. Thank you for your reports! We are still collecting a lot of useful information from you and fixing as many issues as we can. Enjoy this weeks video featuring our QA lead :)


  • fixed suicide not working with invulnerability ON
  • fixed Administrator page not appearing after ban
  • fixed decoy block purple texture in construction model
  • fixed small adv. head causing involuntary movement for large rotors
  • fixed emissives for corner LCD panels
  • fixed dead astronauts collision model in Campaign

What we are currently working on:

  • Game crash when loading broken mods (CSD Autocannon etc)
  • Game crash when welding projected laser antenna (Survival)
  • Compound blocks issue
  • Visual glitches on moving grids (Intel i7 issue)
  • Modded doors killing people
  • Exploding doors
  • Blinking lights
  • Merging ships together makes them blink
  • Unmerging big grid makes the game stuck
  • Some sounds are missing after reloading

Version 1.182.0 Major

Release Date: 20 July 2017

Hello, Engineers! We are extremely excited to announce that today we are releasing the next major update for the game which contains a huge batch of optimisations and improvements!

The biggest area of improvements is to render performance with textures and models now being loaded asynchronously. As a more specific example of an improvement area, CPU performance has been optimized to run Easy Start Earth and 16-ships flying scenario in 60fps on 3GHz Hyperthreaded Quad Core Processor. Meanwhile, GPU performance has been optimized to run the Easy Start Earth scenario at 60fps on 1080p High settings on nVidia 980 GTX. Please keep in mind that increased performance is not limited to only these scenarios but will positively impact most, if not all worlds and hardware configurations. We’ve also added new shader quality options in graphical settings which affects the quality of Atmosphere, Trees and Voxel rendering. Detection of GPU performance now occurs upon first startup of the game and shadows are now higher quality in general although tree shadows will now be disabled on low settings. Multi-threading as well as indirect lighting has been fixed on Intel GPUs and some compatibility issues with the Windows 10 creators update were resolved.

Other optimizations include loading times being massively reduced for both game worlds and the copying and pasting of grids. For those of you who are interested, this was achieved by using cached proto-buffer files.

Moving on to some smaller changes, we improved tool animations even more and increased the visibility of certain HUD elements. Additionally, there are many other general improvements in this update which should fix lots of issues that players have been experiencing.

The team would just like to once again remind you that as this is a major update, there has been many significant changes made to code so we will especially appreciate any bug reports sent in by the community. This will allow us to find issues quicker and get them fixed as soon as possible. It’s also worth pointing out that if necessary, you can always revert to a previous major version of the game via the betas tab in steam under game properties.

Features: Render optimizations and fixes:

  • Textures and models are loaded asynchronously
  • CPU performance optimized to run Easy Start Earth and 16-ships flying scenario in 60fps on 3GHz 4-hyperthread CPU
  • Detection of GPU performance on first startup of the game
  • GPU performance optimized to run Easy Start Earth:
    • 60fps on 1080p High settings on nVidia 980 GTX
    • 60fps on 720p Medium settings on nVidia 750 GTX
    • 30fps on 720p Low settings on Intel GPUs
  • New shader quality settings introduced in Options, affecting quality of atmosphere, trees and voxel rendering (voxel texture emissives are now working, but only for High shade quality)
  • Better quality of shadows, disabled tree shadows on Low settings
  • Windows 10 creators update compatibility fixed
  • Dark side of glass occludes flares (IsFlareOccluder tag in TransparentMaterials.sbc)
  • Fixed multi-threading on Intel GPUs
  • Fixed indirect lighting on Intel GPUs
  • Fixed flare attenuation

Other optimizations:

  • Internal game worlds will deserialize faster now (using cached proto-buffer files)
  • Pasting of grids (cloning, preview mode and placing the entity)

NPC behavior changes:

  • Wolves and Sabiroids now only attack the character. They will not attack grids. Also wolf corpses are heavier now.

Art Changes:

  • Improved tool animations
  • Improved the visibility for HUD elements
  • New cryo chamber interior


  • Fixed not working height offset option for wheels with suspension block
  • Fixed "killer doors bug" edge case
  • Fixed issue with modded doors being walk through despite being closed
  • Fixed another block placement case
  • Fixed displaced selection of blocks with welder and grinder
  • Fixed dirty glass in cockpit and fighter cockpit block
  • Fixed crash when colliding into a asteroid with a grid
  • Fixed bullet holes not appearing on cockpit glass
  • Fixed case with camera clipping into character head while in 3rd person
  • Fixed case with camera switches from 3rd to 1st caused by spawned or dropped items
  • Fixed looping preview for blocks when aiming at edge of another block
  • Fixed assembler on realistic not producing any components
  • Fixed assembler draining power when not in use
  • Fixed timer block issue where it would not resume counting down its timer after being powered on and off
  • Fixed interior turrets shooting above wolves and spiders
  • Fixed problems with controlling ships not displaying the correct speed while in turret mode
  • Fixed muzzle effect while using gatling gun
  • Fixed emissivity issue for modules
  • Fixed the emissivity for mag boots when off to be completly non emissive
  • Fixed LCD panel shows Offline even when it is powered
  • Fixed issue with battery control panel and Battery block loosing emissivity after unmerging
  • Fixed landing gear block detaching from grids when merging
  • Fixed issue with lights not moving after unmerging a ship/vehicle
  • Fixed offset of interior lights when connectiong another blueprint to a grid
  • Fixed space ball block constantly broadcasting despite having the option turned off
  • Fixed jump drive particle missing for other players in MP
  • Fixed issue while in remote control the distance now relates to the Remote control block and not the player
  • Fixed issue with sealed hangar door not having oxygen near it
  • Fixed issue where depressurising and pressurising the room would generate oxygen (offset should be around 0,01 percent now)
  • Fixed issue where while invulnerable the player would die in cockpits without oxygen
  • Fixed reloadable rocket launcher not reloading
  • Fixed odd piloting issues with cargo ships
  • Fixed wheel suspension 1x1 still spinning in space small grid
  • Fixed meteors hitting voxel asteroids on the inside causing "square craters"
  • Fixed issue where animation for tools would play but nothing would happen to the block
  • Fixed buttons keeping its label after the action is removed
  • Fixed server parameters not reseting to default properly
  • Fixed HUD displaying in the respawn screen on DS

Hotfix 1.182.017:

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed not working replace with clipboard function
  • Fixed missing character emissives
  • Fixed missing LCD panel emissive
  • Fixed Invulnerable function on DS

Hotfix 1.182.18

  • Fixed "paper blocks"
  • Fixed wild door collision on fast moving ship
  • Fixed render crash

Hotfix 1.182.19

  • Fixed campaign blocker
  • Fixed crash when saving or loading the scene
  • Fixed crash when attempting to display server details for server with different version
  • Fixed issue where doors would kill you if standing near them for a time
  • Fixed items in toolbar slots not showing when loading up a world
  • Fixed issue with gatling gun block not being placeable in Survival mode

What we are currently working on:


  • Fix for "compound blocks"
  • Exploding doors
  • Clang with adv. rotor large and small adv. rotor head
  • Spotlights blinking
  • Some sounds are missing after reloading
  • Corner LCD panels are not emissive

Lilbigmouth (talk) 13:24, July 25, 2017 (UTC)

Version 01.181.5 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 07 July 2017

Hello, Engineers!

This week’s minor is continuing the current run of general improvements as we near the release of the next major update. We know a lot of you really can’t wait for this but it’s crucial that we fix as many bugs as possible before going live with changes to code as significant as the ones in the upcoming major. The main issues fixed in today’s update include terminals taking you to the incorrect block in the control panel and automatic turrets shooting subgrids of their own grid. Additionally, corner and interior lights should no longer appear emissive when turned off or not supplied with power.


  • fixed FPS drain on highlighted objects
  • removed emissivity on corner light and interior lights when turned off
  • fixed issue with being forwarded to the wrong block when using control panel
  • fixed issue with choppy animation for turrets
  • fixed issue with turrets that are targeting enemy objects even though they are already destroyed
  • fixed issue with turrets that are shooting their own subgrids (for example: wheels)

Version 01.181.4 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 29 June 2017

Hello, Engineers! It’s a new minor update this week containing more general improvements as we grow ever closer to the next major release, the changelog of which is growing bigger and bigger day! If you missed it, watch last week’s video to hear about some of the optimisations that will be going into that release. The main issues fixed in today’s update include safety locked rotor heads detaching after using a jump drive and grids being able to pass through closed hangar doors. Additionally, we resolved issues with block placement being offset when standing on moving grids.


  • raycast offset on moving grids
  • jump drives break safety locked rotors
  • jump drive particle effect shadow
  • jump drive causing death at full speed with dampeners turned off
  • objects can go through closed doors
  • turrets being able to shoot through doors
  • wrong highlight while welding projected object
  • various modding issues (broken emissivity, holo LCD textures, highlight on objects where are you aiming)
  • Hotfix: Dirty glass
  • Hotfix: Jump drive jumps into middle of the Earth
  • Hotfix: Oxygen and Hydrogen issue with auto refill option also Assembler cooperative mode is behaving the same

Version 01.181.3 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 22 June 2017

Hello, Engineers! This week’s minor update is focused on addressing multiplayer desyncs. We fixed issues related to landing gears, autolock etc. Amount of crashes was also dramatically reduced.


  • fixed various sound crashes
  • fixed MP desyncs while using landing gears
  • fixed landing gear functionality

Version 01.181.2 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 16 June 2017

Hello, Engineers! This week’s minor update is focused on addressing various crashes, the majority of which are related to multithreaded physics. This is also why you may have noticed multiple hotfixes being released during the last week as we are determined to fix them as soon as possible. Other issues fixed include the collect all option not working properly with large connectors and being unable to remove catwalks in certain situations.

Now here’s some community news for all the ship builders out there. I would like to remind everyone about the UESC monthly build contest which is being sponsored by us here at Keen Software House. With every new contest there is a different theme defining the type of builds for that month. This is a great opportunity to showcase your ship design talents and even win some game keys! You can find more information about the contest and how to enter here!


  • fixed game crash caused by turrets behavior
  • fixed not working Collect all option for Large Connectors
  • fixed audio crash
  • fixed game crash when old models are imported
  • fixed game crash when copying grids

Version 01.181.1 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 08 June 2017

Hello, Engineers! We’ve got a minor update for you this week after last week’s major update, and the team have been busy processing various issues reported by the community on our forums. For example we’ve fixed problems with connectors and block placement on dedicated servers. Small grid rotor displacement settings should now be saved in blueprints too. Additionally, a number of crashes were also resolved. It’s been great to read everyone’s feedback and to hear that many players have seen big performance gains in their worlds. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts and experiences with these weekly updates. In today’s work in progress section We would like to talk about the render optimizations showcased earlier this week. We demonstrated how a world with 16 red ships would run at around 45FPS on a system running the current version of game. In comparison, the exact same scenario was then loaded on a prototype version with the render optimizations included and ran at around 60FPS! One of the improvements which helped to achieve this was making the GPU be no longer limited by the CPU.


  • Added a counter of physical shapes to grid's info terminal screen.

If you reach 99% of the limit, a warning should start appearing. If you exceed the limit any added blocks will not have physics. This is a technical limitation even if block limits are off, but we are aware of this issue and we are looking into possibilities, how to improve this behaviour.


  • fixed game crash when exceeding the block limit
  • fixed blocks are not being placed
  • fixed not working artificial mass
  • fixed not working connectors
  • fixed game crash when using connectors
  • fixed turrets view
  • fixed rotor (small grid) displacement not saved in blueprints
  • fixed respawning in medical room with the clone
  • fixed thrusters keep their lighting even after being turned off

We are aware of crash with ship explosions and trying to resolve it. It should be pushed as a hotfix as soon as it will be fixed.


  • fixed crash when mergin/unmerging grids

Version 01.181.0 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 01 June 2017

Hello, Engineers! Today’s release is a major one bringing you some of the biggest optimizations in the game’s history. For example, the 16 players and 16 red ships multiplayer scenario ran at a sim speed of 0.25 before optimizations and now it runs at 1.0! We achieved this by reducing blocks per frame updates, reducing world matrix calculations per frame, and by enabling multithreaded physics. The team still plans to continue with further optimizations in areas like ship collisions, explosions, loading times, planets, memory usage and more! Additionally, We are also pleased to announce that the multiplayer synchronization code has been optimized further. Moving on, there’s a bunch of camera improvements including much better 3rd person camera behavior with creations that have subs-grids so there’s less snapping to 1st person when rotating the camera around the main grid. We have a new glass rendering technique which means that windows should no longer glow in darkness and look more realistic. On top of all this, there’s a huge amount of bug fixes, art fixes, crash fixes and general improvements in this update so thank you for your patience with some of these issues.

Just as a heads up for the modders out there; due to many blocks being optimized, some older block mods may need updating. See the forum thread linked in the description for more information: Among the many changes this week, we've added asynchronous entity creation to the ModAPI, which allows a mod like ServerLink to operate much faster. This release was thoroughly tested but as there has been so many changes in the code we will especially appreciate it if you report bugs that you find. Although many of you do this already!


  • implemented optimizations + multithreaded HAVOK physics
  • implemented glass shader with reflections


  • fixed various 1st and 3rd person camera issues
  • fixed various desync issues in multiplayer
  • fixed spotlight effects
  • removed redundant geometry from fourth mission in campaign
  • fixed crash with programmable block antenna communication


  • fixed multiple cases where crashing ship against voxel would crash the game
  • fixed Artificial Mass block misbehaving in artificial gravity
Space Engineers - Update 1.181

Space Engineers - Update 1.181.0 Major - Big Optimizations, Multithreaded Physics & More!

Version 01.180.6 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 25 May 2017

Hello, Engineers! Once again, we’ve got a minor update for you today with more crash fixes and a couple of improvements as the team battles with the last few remaining issues in the next major update.

This particular upcoming major update has many changes to the code so it also requires a huge amount of additional testing which of course adds to production time. The majority of our programmers and testers are working on this which is why the recent minor updates have only contained a small amount of improvements. The image shown here is a good example of what searching for and trying to reproduce a crash in the game can look like. But we are expecting significant increases in performance from these changes so it’s still definitely something you can look forward to and we appreciate your patience with this.

Next Tuesday we will be streaming at 8PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. This stream with Marek will be focusing on the vision for Space Engineers as well as giving a more detailed update on the progress of performance improvements.


  • fixed Campaign crashes
  • fixed MyProgrammableBlock crash
  • fixed welder radius
  • fixed missing rotation cube arrows
  • replaced NaN value on HUD for 0.0

Version 01.180.5 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 18 May 2017

Hello Engineers! There’s a batch of art and animation fixes in today’s minor update as the team moves ever closer to the next major update which will contain significant improvements to performance and multiplayer. Issues with model fixed this week include incorrect LODs on a number of blocks like the small grid merge block and small grid camera but also missing textures on blocks such as wheel suspension and the large ship welder. Moving on now to a couple of the notable animation issues that were fixed, using hand tools will no longer stretch the engineer’s arms and rifles should now aim where the crosshair is pointing.

In other news, next Monday we will be streaming at 8PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. During the stream, together with Marek and Deepflame, we’ll be talking more about things being worked on and also taking a look at Medieval Engineers and it’s future plans. Marek will even be suiting up for the occasion in his personalized Roman armor!


  • fixed models showing LOD1s instead of LOD0s
  • fixed wrong LODs on several blocks
  • fixed highlight of missile turret's control panel
  • fixed old icons displayed in inventories and production tabs
  • fixed crystal clear glass
  • fixed rifle doesn't aim where the crosshair is pointing
  • fixed too big hitboxes of blast doors and atmospheric thrusters
  • fixed missing textures on large ship welder and wheel suspensions
  • fixed small grid camera model and LOD
  • fixed emissivity color missing on several blocks
  • fixed tools making arms long

Version 01.116 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 7 January 2016



Version 01.115 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 31 December 2015



Version 01.114 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.113 {{{Type}}}



Version: 01.112

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Version 01.111 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 02 December 2015


  • new weapon / tool tiers


Version 01.110 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 26 November 2015



Version 01.109 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 19 November 2015

After the release of Planets we are focusing this week on bug fixing and improving the building process.

Placing your first block (base station) on a planet surface is now much more intuitive for newcomers and returning players. Blocks are aligned with gravity by default. You can start new grids (small/large ships, vehicles, base stations) from toolbar icons without going to G screen. This is the first iteration and more improvements are planned for the planetary building process.


  • intuitive planetary building (station rotation mode ON by default)
  • added option to place small/large ships and base station into toolbar
  • new menu videos


  • fixed placing the base station on the surface of planets
  • fixed missing asteroids in DX9
  • fixed displacement for high grids
  • fixed loading screen in DX9
  • fixed crash when deleting LCD panel
  • fixed crash when ships collide
  • fixed crash with hydrogen thrusters
  • fixed crash when using jump drive
  • fixed crash when computing mass of the grid
  • fixed crash when drag and dropping items in inventory
  • fixed crash when using jetpack
  • fixed damaged reactor still providing power

EDIT 11/28/2015:
Update 01.109.012

  • fixed crash when grinding ship
  • fixed crash with laser antenna
  • fixed crash with space ball
  • fixed space bottles not showing percentage
  • fixed toolbars not saving correctly
  • fixed tutorials cannot be loaded
  • fixed deaths on server
  • fixed various bugs in tutorials

Version 01.108 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 12 November 2015

Planets have been released. Have fun!



Version 01.107 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.106 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.105 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.104 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.103 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.102 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.101 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.100 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.099 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.098 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.097 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.096 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.095 {{{Type}}}



Version: 01.094

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Version: 01.093

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Version: 01.092

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Version: 01.091

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Version: 01.090

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Version: 01.089

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Version: 01.088

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Version: 01.087

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Version: 01.086

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Version: 01.085

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Version: 01.084

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Version: 01.083

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Version: 01.082

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Version: 01.081

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Version: 01.080

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Version: 01.079

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Version: 01.078

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Version: 01.077

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Version: 01.076

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Version: 01.075

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Version: 01.074

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Version: 01.073

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Version: 01.072

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Version: 01.071

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Version: 01.070

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Version: 01.069

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Version: 01.068

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Version: 01.067

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Version 01.066 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.065 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.064 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.063 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.062 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.061 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.060 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.059 {{{Type}}}



Version 01.058 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 27 November 2014

Projector block has been added - players are now able to project blueprints and weld the projection. Please read the Projector Guide below for more detailed info. We are also continuing our bugfixing period. The good news is that a big amount of bugs have been already fixed, or are about to be fixed within the next days, but there are still a few more major bugs and our team is working hard on fixing them.


  • projector block
  • option to use blueprints menu (F10) and save blueprint (Ctrl+B) in survival mode
  • possibility to display pivot point of the grid (Terminal -> Info -> Show grid pivot)
  • turrets are not shooting armor on friendly ships; this applies to other blocks with no ownership as well


  • fixed MWM builder resetting pivot rotation and position of models
  • fixed custom gatling gun shooting itself
  • fixed game crash when changing ownership as block is destroyed
  • fixed thruster damage not working on cargo container
  • fixed wrong collision model of antenna
  • fixed crash when placing sniper turret (mod)

EDIT 11/28/2014:
Update 01.058.015

  • fixed projected blueprints with merge block don't stay connected when being projected
  • fixed door model bug when finished from projection
  • fixed projected blueprints don't persist when disconnected from grid
  • fixed projection doesn't persist when merging/unmerging from another ship/station
  • fixed crash in toolbar and other minor crash

Projector Guide
Projector block, blueprints in survival mode:

  • players can select a blueprint to project in the projector control panel
  • projection can be moved around (set horizontal/vertical/forward offset and set yaw/pitch/roll)
  • players can see the build progress and statistics for the projected ship/station on the projector control panel
  • players are able to use the blueprint's menu (F10) and save blueprints (Ctrl+B) in survival mode


  • only one grid is supported (grids behind rotor are not projected)
  • grid size of the blueprint must match the grid size of the projector (you can project large ship and station blueprints only from the large projector block. Small projector block can project only small ship blueprints)
  • projection has no physics and it is not triggering sensors
  • projection is always attached and aligned to the projector grid and moves with it

Welding + Placing: When starting a ship from scratch, make sure to align the hologram to the projector and start adding blocks that are next to the projector (or to blocks connected to the projector). Blocks that will be valid for construction will be highlighted. You can also check the info panel of the projector for any warnings.

  • projected blocks can be placed/welded when projected block is in range of a welder
  • only blocks neighboring with existing blocks can be placed
  • when the projected block is colliding with anything else, it cannot be placed
  • it's possible to project a blueprint on any existing ship, to repair/rebuild it

Projector orientation: Upper side (marked with +):
SpaceEngineers 2014-11-272

Front side (marked with |):
SpaceEngineers 2014-11-271

Note: The projectors do not support blueprints with rotors and pistons at the moment. In case they are used, the projector selects the larges grid and projects only that one. We will continue to work on the projector block - as usual with every new block, this is just the first iteration and work in progress. Thanks for your understanding and for your help!

Version 01.057 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 13 November 2014

This is the fourth update mainly focused on bugfixing. Besides this, we have also implemented sound modding for weapons and the option to attach or detach the top rotor part (this way players can build small rotor top on large rotor base)


  • weapon sound modding
  • added rotor top part with possibility to attach/detach
  • improved simulation speed in various scenarios
  • improved sensor performance
  • improved performance of lights
  • improved floating objects performance
  • improved performance for meteorite storms


  • fixed crash during remote control
  • fixed marker visible in another world
  • fixed camera issue no longer displaying the custom name of camera
  • fixed crash when finishing assembler in survival
  • fixed small ship beacon is too shiny
  • fixed lights which are disconnected from grid are still shining
  • fixed crash in camera control
  • fixed crash when splitting grid
  • fixed visibility of beacon (minor fix)
  • fixed stator/rotor attraction
  • fixed pressing 'Y' when in cargo ships cockpit disables movement control
  • fixed remote control is disabled after connectors are disconnected
  • fixed mirroring of arc furnace
  • fixed message is incorrect when siting in cockpit on station
  • fixed missile launcher aims incorrectly
  • fixed missile launcher not shooting at each crank & missile turret shoots only from center
  • fixed re-loadable rocket launcher: no "Reloading" message
  • fixed a possibility to drill a ship preview during copy/paste

Important note:
Due to some recent updates, Space Engineers may ask you again to allow it in Windows firewall. In case it does not pop-up automatically and you experience connection issues, please add the firewall exception manually.

EDIT 11/21/2014:
Update 01.057.005

  • fixed crash on weapon lasers
  • fixed empty Servers-list and players connecting issue
  • fixed crash with assemblers
  • fixed crashes in mwm builder
  • fixed crash with remote control deleted
  • fixed 'x' does not cancel search box
  • fixed chat scrolling bug

Version 01.056 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 13 November 2014

This is the third batch of bugfixes. We have also changed the height of piston blocks from 2-blocks to 3-blocks. This way, pistons should have more stable performance. Another (less important) change that we made is the reduction of the missile range from 1000 meters to 800 meters.


  • changed the piston’s height from 2-blocks to 3-blocks. Pistons should be more stable now (your current creations will not be affected by this change)


  • default missile range has changed from 1000m to 800m
  • fixed piston performance issues
  • improved ship collision performance
  • fixed rotor performance issues
  • fixed player not being able to remotely control ship when locked via LG
  • fixed stacked piston group toolbar issues
  • fixed spotlight's light bit ahead of themselves and shine in only one direction
  • fixed player not being able to exit remote control when second player enters the cockpit
  • fixed placing block with tool in hand
  • fixed wrong offset for flight seat camera
  • fixed cannot control the ship after using and disabling thruster override
  • fixed pistons shape is causing small ship rotation
  • fixed unable to place sloped light armor blocks (texture crash)
  • fixed ProjectileTrailColor tag preventing weapon mods from loading
  • fixed crash when spawning in modded re-spawn ship
  • fixed large bomb effect when detonating small and large warheads together
  • fixed beacon HUD being visible without power
  • fixed issues with pasting blueprints into the world
  • fixed crash when exiting from game to menu
  • fixed minor model viewer issues
  • fixed broadcasting always switching ON after loading a world
  • fixed jetpack flames getting into view in 3rd person
  • fixed missile launcher not shooting at each crank & missile turret shoots only from center
  • new programmers added to credits screen

EDIT 11/14/2014:
Update 01.056.013

  • fixed huge slowdowns and DS/MP issues
  • fixed crash when turrets on small ship were in the game
  • fixed crash when merging two ships together
  • fixed G-menu search terms not updating

Version 01.055 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 06 November 2014

This is the second batch of bugfixes. The most important fixes are the interior light issue, the dedicated server assembler issues, the reduced rotor and piston network traffic (in multiplayer) and the improved rotor stability. We have also added a new tool for our modders that helps them to see changes to their mods without having to be in the game.



  • reduced rotor and piston network traffic (in multiplayer)
  • improved rotor stability
  • fixed issues with interior lights
  • fixed dedicated server assembler issues
  • fixed character animations (hands in crouch position)
  • fixed sound modding issues
  • fixed ship grinder/welder inventory size
  • fixed can't save the game issues (toolbar crash)
  • fixed lag when missile was impacting the asteroids
  • fixed glass issues in mwmbuilder
  • fixed rotor displacement issues
  • fixed crash when renaming blueprints
  • fixed rifle animation bug (rifle floating in the air)
  • fixed rotor top part renders incorrectly
  • fixed issues with some mods cannot be loaded from workshop
  • fixed configuration file perma-death cannot be set to false
  • fixed assemblers in co-operative mode seem to copy queue items from assemblers in disassembly mode
  • fixed DeviateShotAngle does nothing in weapons.sbc
  • fixed crash caused by turrets firing
  • fixed crash with the same key was already added
  • fixed Mod Scripting - ConfigDedicated.Administrators is not populated from config file
  • fixed explosion when piston was mounted on rotor on small ship
  • fixed desync on DS
  • fixed crash when gatling turret destroys rocket
  • fixed cannot change assembler ownership on cargo ships
  • fixed character death in cockpit without cockpit been damaged

EDIT 11/07/2014
Update 01.055.008

  • fixed crash when some of the textures were corrupted
  • fixed crash when adding custom ammo
  • fixed crash when character died twice
  • fixed wrong tag in ammo definition
  • fixed client does not see jetpack of other players
  • fixed exception when loading workshop world

Version 01.054 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 30 October 2014

This week’s update includes the first batch of bugfixing. As we already informed you last week, Space Engineers is entering into a temporary stabilization period where we will focus only on bug fixing and stabilization of the things that are already in the game. This is just a temporary transition period that will last for a few weeks. There are still many big and important features to be added, but first we want to make sure that the game is free of bugs and in a much more stable state.

While waiting for the new features to come again in the game, it is a good time now, in case you haven’t done already, to start using and experimenting with the mods that our modders have created. For this, we have prepared a small video for you with selected mods created in Space Engineers.

No new features with this update.

List of Mods:


  • fixed major lag/freeze after drilling any asteroid
  • fixed groups disappearing when player left the server
  • fixed gatling gun damage is too soft
  • fixed assembler co-operate mod unchecking itself in multiplayer
  • fixed sound levels resetting after loading the map
  • fixed exploding piston after grinding it on small ship
  • fixed crash when exporting a model from the game
  • fixed crash when pasting grid with mods that you don't have
  • fixed advanced rotor staying in control panel
  • fixed various crashes when player was shooting
  • fixed mass blocks acting weird on dedicated server
  • fixed large reactor model being too small
  • fixed music issues when loading a map
  • fixed issues where player could not place a block
  • fixed performance drop issue with many turrets
  • fixed not being able to reload reloadable rocket launcher from the front
  • fixed emissivity for spotlight block
  • fixed issue with choosing reloadable rocket launcher in toolbar
  • fixed bullets having no visible particle effect
  • fixed placing light armor block under interior light on platform
  • fixed missing particle effect when player is welding
  • fixed remote control not working when ship flights over 250m away from the platform (DS)
  • fixed unfinished assemblers unmarked in production menu
  • fixed pressing "Y" shuts off all reactors regardless of ownership and sharing
  • fixed re-spawn ships not being deleted after logout
  • fixed connector keeps disconnecting
  • fixed missing aiming dot for missile launchers on large grids
  • fixed texture issue on small reactors
  • fixed question about ownership in re-spawn screen
  • fixed missing audio files message in logs
  • fixed joining issues when character died
  • fixed wrong size of the floating objects
  • fixed warheads exploding but doing no damage
  • fixed collision with attached parts in 3rd person view
  • fixed broken piston while deleting the top part in some situations (creative mode)
  • fixed master assembler pulling small amounts of material

EDIT 10/31/2014:
UPDATE 01.054.009

  • fixed lag on server side when server was shooting missiles into asteroid
  • fixed glass issues in new mwmbuilder
  • fixed rotor displacement possibilities

Known issues

  • lights issues and (working on a fix)

EDIT 11/03/2014:
We have just released a hotfix (version 01.054.012) for the assembler issues in multiplayer that were caused after the latest update. We want to apologize for any inconvenience that we might have caused. If you notice any more problems, please report them on our dedicated Forum section

Version 01.053 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 23 October 2014

In this update, we added an advanced rotor block that is able to function as a conveyor system and also implemented the option to mod sounds.

The second important implementation is bug fixing. As Marek Rosa has already written in his latest blog-post, the game is entering into a stabilization period where the amount of new features will be reduced and the focus will be mainly on bug fixing and stabilization of the things that are already in the game. This doesn't mean that weekly updates will stop coming or that we are not going to add new features any more. This is just a temporary transition period that will last for a few weeks. There are still many big and important features to be added, but first we want to make sure that the game is free of bugs and in a much more stable state before we start implementing them.


  • advanced rotor block
  • sound modding


  • fixed memory leaks in character, raycasts and asteroids
  • fixed small ship piston dummies
  • fixed render interpolation issues
  • fixed crash to desktop when pasting blueprint
  • fixed floating object size (components, ore)
  • fixed issue with not functional landing gears
  • fixed missing curved conveyor glass
  • fixed crash when clicking on faction
  • fixed issue when player can't create an asteroid map
  • fixed issue with explosions in older worlds caused by changed rotor offset
  • fixed game crash when declaring war and proposing peace
  • fixed spotlights not illuminating the area correctly

Update 01.053.015

  • fixed issue with rotor/piston staying in control panel after being deleted
  • fixed character crash
  • fixed ownership issue
  • fixed crash with control panel groups
  • fixed crashes related to weapons and shooting/welding/grinding

Version 01.052 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 16 October 2014

Assemblers can now cooperate with each other (when enabled in terminal) by taking items from other assembler’s queue and help with transferring materials. Volumetric explosions have been also added; things hidden behind armor (or other blocks) will not get destroyed when the armor survives from the explosion. Additionally, players can now help each other with the new “welder option: help others” - welded blocks will not belong automatically to the player who is helping but to the owner of the ship.


  • assembler cooperation
  • volumetric explosions
  • welder setting: help others
  • antenna broadcasting on/off (including character - "O" key)
  • default world size is now 20 km (size can still be changed to “unlimited” in world settings) 
  • arc furnace can now refine more metals


  • fixed missile explosions right after missile was launched
  • fixed issue with objects not removed when leaving the world
  • fixed respawning of character crossing the world limits
  • fixed broken animations for custom skins
  • fixed cases when components were duplicated by collectors
  • fixed issue with more screens popping up at once
  • fixed auto-save not saving the world regularly
  • fixed view change while pasting modded blueprint
  • fixed game is running before loading screen is closed
  • fixed crash caused by camera view and exiting Remote control
  • fixed custom respawn ship mods not working
  • fixed world corrupted, refinery entity ID replaced
  • fixed sensor triggering action on owned block
  • fixed DS crashed on loading - steamSDK
  • fixed client on DS is not able to join the faction
  • fixed spawned as spectator when loading world

Version 01.051 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 9 October 2014

Adding new asteroids in creative mode is now possible in Space Engineer. Players can select the asteroid type, materials and then place it into the world. Another new addition is the scrap metal items. When a component, either floating object or in block, is damaged, it is turned into scrap metal (the percentage of scrap metal is random). Scrap metal can be melted in the refineries to create iron ingots. Also, remote turret control has been added; players are now able to control turrets directly


  • adding new asteroids in creative mode (SHIFT+F10)
  • scrap metal item (can be processed in refinery into iron)
  • remote turret control


  • fixed hand animation during the block placement
  • fixed issue with transparent asteroid
  • fixed ore detector info persisting between sessions
  • fixed wrongly scaled model of large reactor
  • fixed G-screen automatically closing when another player died
  • fixed ModAPI IMyInventory.TransferItemTo freezing the game
  • fixed ModAPI CustomNameChanged crash
  • fixed ModAPI ConfigDedicated.Load exception
EDIT 10/10/14

Update 01.051.011

  • fixed turret is used by somebody else when any client changes antenna range
  • fixed turret is still used even when out of range
  • fixed crash in turrets
  • fixed warhead crash when loading game
  • added message when turret runs out of ammo
  • ModAPI added ColorMask getter for blocks

Version 01.050 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 2 October 2014

Blueprints have been added in Space Engineers. Players can now save their ship or station on a blueprint and paste it into their game. This was one of the most demanded features by the community, so we feel happy that it is finally in the game. We hope that players will enjoy this as well.

Blueprints can also be uploaded and shared on Steam Workshop. They work only when copy/paste is enabled. At the moment, blueprints can be used only in creative mode, but later in the future they will be added for survival as well. Welders (both ship and character) will be able to 'place' blocks according to blueprints.


  • Blueprints (F10, Ctrl+B)


  • fixed reduced distance for placing objects in survival mode
  • fixed issue when a dead player could still remotely control ships
  • fixed ore detector showing ore when owned by someone else
  • fixed mod api enums not allowed
  • fixed crash when changing ownership
  • fixed mod api - 147 script error due to 'the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process'
  • fixed cockpit lockout after RCing a ship
  • fixed hand tools not working after RCing a ship
  • fixed colour palette resetting
EDIT 10/03/2014

Update 01.050.010

  • fixed slender man
  • fixed crash in modded character caused by different number of bones
  • fixed crash caused by meteors hitting asteroid
  • fixed crash when using unsupported characters in blueprint name

Version 01.049 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 25 September 2014

The G-screen layout has been completely recreated (custom tabs are still work in progress). A search box for the G-screen has been also added along with the antenna’s range visibility and the item spawning tools for world makers.


  • recreated G-screen layout - it provides easier and faster access to what you need
  • moddable categories for G-screen blocks and tools (can be edited in the new BlockCategories.sbc file)
  • search textbox in the G-screen to make it easier to find that one block
  • added antenna range visualization (under info tab)
  • added object creation for player-made scenarios (creative mode only, Shift + F10)
  • sensor is now able to detect voxels (asteroids)


  • fixed crash in missile launcher shooting
  • fixed issue with multiple ships in one spawn group shooting at each other
  • fixed crash in modding API caused by ConfigDedicated.Administrators
  • fixed sync issues with damage application to blocks
  • fixed shifted jetpack animation on characters in multiplayer
  • fixed missing welding/grinding/drilling sounds
  • fixed player spawning twice in the world after remotely controlling a ship
  • fixed custom palette resetting after spawn
  • fixed issue when asteroids are not properly update when a lot of explosives go off near them
  • fixed ModAPI is no longer working for some namespaces
  • fixed cockpit inertia displayed wrong in 1st person
  • fixed timers execute one tab only
  • fixed collector not collecting 0 speed items
  • fixed G-Menu search-box reaction on shortcuts
  • fixed ModAPI ConfigDedicated.Administrators causes exception
  • fixed crash while starting remote control by sensor
EDIT 09/26/2014

Update 01.049.009

  • fixed crash when joining multi player
  • fixed crash in input
  • fixed major audio crash
  • fixed issues with remote control on Dedicated server

Version 01.048 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 18 September 2014

The Modding API has been implemented into Space Engineers. It brings a lot of new possibilities to our modders and it allows them to alter the game by writing C# scripts which have access to in-game objects! Reloadable missile launcher for small ships is also added - with the option to use the conveyor system.

Additionally in this update, we have included the Fighter Cockpit model that was created by the modder “Darth Biomech”. This is the first modded model that makes it into the official version of the game. By doing this, we want to reward and encourage all modders for their good work and efforts. It’s not possible to add all mods which are created, because we need to keep the game simple and organized, but we can ensure that more mods will be added in the future.

ModAPI Guide: Tomorrow we'll post video showing how to configure free version of Visual Studio and create simple mod using ModAPI.


  • Modding API (WIP - more features will be added in the future)
  • Reloadable missile launcher for small ships
  • Respawn ship cool down time
  • Ship dampeners configurable in terminal
  • Moddable door open distance
  • Search in inventory by item name
  • Fighter cockpit mod – special thanks to modder “Darth Biomech”!


  • Fixed infinite refinery production issue
  • Fixed armor models
  • fixed scrolling while copy-pasting was not in F1 help screen
  • fixed buttons for New Platform and ships visible when setting actions in sensor
  • fixed cannot stack items in production queue
  • fixed issue when player was able to remote control anything even outside of the antenna’s range
  • fixed incorrect texture of small rotors
  • fixed sensor/timer block triggering actions on grids joined by connectors even after disconnection
  • fixed loosing ability to remote control ships after previous interaction with remote control block
  • fixed assembler inventory output filling up input inventory
  • fixed issue when merge blocks on pistons were not disconnected
  • fixed ore mining ratio
  • fixed issue when refineries were still working even when the power was cut off
  • fixed sensor lags on Dedicated Server and normal Multi-player
  • fixed crash while being kicked out of faction
  • fixed freeze without creating the log after a map was loaded
  • fixed changing field and loading the game activates the sensor
  • fixed the amount of required blocks for creating sensor blocks
  • fixed issue with faction members’ names when they are remote controlling a ship

EDIT 09/19/2014

Update 01.048.020

  • Fixed character spawning twice in the same world
  • Fixed crash in script mission
  • Fixed crash related to fighter cockpit
  • Fixed spelling mistake "inertial dampeners"
  • Fixed crash when assembler blueprints were missing
  • Fixed crash when copy pasting grid with mod that was previously removed from the world
  • Reduced network lag in certain cases (when rotors are in world)
EDIT 09/22/2014

Update 01.048.021

  • Fixed scripting exploit

Script exploit was hot-fixed, some scripts may stop working because we've been forced to disable one particular feature. This will be fixed asap and scripts should be working again soon.

Version 01.047 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 11 September 2014

The remote ship control system has been implemented. Players are now able to build drone ships and control them without being inside the ship’s cockpit - keep in mind that remote control is still dependent on the friendly antennas’ signal. Moreover, the timer block has been added, which allows players to trigger a queued action after a set period of time. Additionally, gravity and sensor field view are also available and sensors can detect stations/platforms.


  • Remote ship control – control ships without being inside the ship’s cockpit (drones)
  • Timer block - triggers a queued action after a set period of time
  • Gravity/Sensor field view
  • Sensor block now detects stations
  • Ore detector info can be relayed through antennas
  • New interior wall texture


  • fixed cost of small ship piston head (it cost the same as a large ship piston head)
  • fixed issue when placing a landing gear or station block was placed as fully built
  • fixed dedicated servers downloading blank/empty .sbms
  • fixed unmerging/merging breaks control groups
  • fixed several mods which were crashing dedicated server
  • fixed connectors being destroyed because they were too close while connected
  • fixed piston disappearing after grinding down the top part
  • fixed sensor detecting players while being set to detect floating objects

Known issues

  • Sensor block is detecting small ships, but the action is not triggered

EDIT 9/12/2014:
Update 01.047.016

  • fixed crash while pressing F6 in remote control
  • fixed issue with direct access to inventory panel while in remote control
  • fixed issue with T button was active while chatting in camera view
  • fixed exiting camera view kicks player out of cockpit
  • fixed control problem with RC block on same ship
  • fixed issue where you could take control through toolbar, even though the button was disabled
  • fixed issue always in 3rd person view after starting a new game
  • fixed crash related to custom voxel material
  • fixed remote control camera glitch
  • fixed timer block delay reseting on log in
  • fixed rotation while copy+paste a ship
  • fixed issue with refineries still working when power is cut off

Version 01.046 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 4 September 2014

The sensor block has been added; you can configure what happens when something enters or leaves from the sensor’s field - the configuration is similar to the button panel. It's also possible to set a filter, so it will trigger events only for small ships, large ships, floating objects or characters. In the future we will add an option to allow filtering based on friend/foe status. Also, flashing options have been added for lights; you can create navigation lights and runways - multiple lights can be synced. Warhead has now timer and also can be detonated remotely through the terminal.



  • added multiplayer lag/slowdown compensation (helps with rubber banding)
  • added possibility for name change during dedicated server setup
  • fixed issue when character moved objects locally by pushing (server ignored it)
  • fixed connector still yellow when turned OFF
  • fixed turret rectangle visibility
  • fixed unlocked connectors allowing item transfer
  • fixed rocket launcher not remembering option to use conveyor system
  • fixed crash when locking connectors
  • fixed completed solar panels do not have sun reflection
  • fixed gravity generator model bug
  • fixed landing gear attached to pistons could not be unlocked

Known Issues

  • changing the field of the sensor or loading the game will activate the sensor. This will be changed in the future updates.
  • you can't assign the same sensor action for both entering and exiting the sensor's field

EDIT 09/05/2014:
Update 01.046.014

  • fixed spotlight cone visible during flashing
  • fixed flashing control tooltip text
  • fixed faction screen crash
  • added different icons for action toggle/on/off
  • fixed character crash
  • fixed sensor toolbar sync
  • fixed sensor station detection
  • fixed terminal crash

Version 01.045 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 28 August 2014

Camera block has been added - now you can see what is happening on different locations. Camera rotation and controlling ships through cameras will be added in the coming weeks. Additional workshop tags for mods have been introduced to make the orientation on workshop easier. It is also possible to make better production building mods. Now you can specify what blueprints are available to production building. It's possible to make production chains and production building tiers. As an example there's a new block 'Arc Furnace’, it is specialized building for iron ore refinement. It refines faster than refinery, it's more efficient and cheaper, but cannot refine anything other than iron ore. In addition to these new changes, we have redesigned the easy start 2 map, and rebalanced the cargo ships, adding new space engineers tech to them both. We have also made it possible to create a hostile identity in your world whilst in creative, this will allow people to make maps for others to play through, with the challenge of hostile ships and stations. Finally, render interpolation has been added as well that will make the game experience smoother. It is currently disabled by default since it is not completed 100%, but it can be turned on in video options.


  • Camera block
  • Workshop tags for mods
  • better production building Modding
  • ‘Arc Furnace’ (refinery)
  • Easy start 2 redesign
  • Cargo ship redesigns
  • Add enemy identity


  • improved rendering performance of solar panels
  • improved rendering performance of refinery and assembler
  • fixed hacked block getting shot by own turrets
  • fixed connector’s issue not being able to collect all items
  • fixed ship info screen labels
  • fixed issue that player cannot remove blocks from cockpit hot-bars 2, 3 and 4

Version 01.044 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 21 August 2014

Spherical gravity generator has been added in Space Engineers, as well as new respawn ships and support for modding them. Many multiplayer synchronization issues have been fixed, including rotor, piston and landing gear problems. Also performance has been increased significantly in certain situations.


  • Spherical gravity generator
  • Pre-fab and respawn ship modding
  • New world setting for dedicated server - autosave interval
  • More respawn ships
  • High quality armor textures (on 64-bit version)
  • Export ship/station as prefab (in F11 screen)


  • Improved piston and landing gear stability
  • Fixed piston, rotor and landing gear exploding in MP
  • Fixed large performance issue caused by asteroids
  • Fixed too large piston collision model
  • Fixed issue when loose blocks loosing ownership
  • Fixed death in survival disables chat window
  • Fixed toolbar not remembering functions from attachments
  • Fixed hot-keyed groups reset when using merge blocks
  • Fixed wrong value in Steam-ID on dedicated server
  • Fixed problems with character mods deforming hands or legs of astronaut
  • Fixed graphical glitch when doors were inside other blocks
  • Fixed inertia not preserved when block was unmerged

EDIT 08/22/2014:
Update 01.044.012

  • Fixed crash when splitting ships
  • Fixed crash when status of faction member changed
  • Fixed crash when entering/leaving cockpit
  • Fixed crash on 32-bit caused by loading hi-quality textures (out of memory)
  • Fixed crash when pressed F11 in main menu
  • Fixed crash when switching character in medical room
  • Fixed crash when changing rotor parameters
  • Fixed crash caused by pistons
  • Fixed crash caused by loading invalid definitions from original content or mods
  • Fixed Gravity generator values stuck at maximum regardless of settings

Version 01.043 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 7 August 2014

Now it's possible to remotely access the control panel screen and inventory when the ship/station is in your antenna range. Antenna relay is taken into account. Press open control panel screen to see it (combo box at the top), or press SHIFT+K. New ‘Button Panel’ allows you to assign actions to the panel (like with astronaut toolbar) and then execute these actions by simply pressing the corresponding button on the model in game.

We also added more glass parameters and modding support for custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials and armor edges. Last but not least HUD voices are here to warn you of meteor showers, low energy/health, etc.

Guide for transparent materials: [1]


  • Remote terminal access
  • Button panel for ships/stations
  • HUD voice alerts (low energy/health warnings)
  • Extended modding support: custom projectiles, debris models, asteroid materials, armor edges
  • Improved glass rendering and modding (more parameters, smoothness, custom texture, color...)


  • fixed autosave on dedicated servers (few days ago in 042 hotfix)
  • fixed custom transparent material crashing the game
  • fixed impossibility to remove and delete mods in some cases
  • fixed blast door corner inverted collisions
  • fixed pistons disconnecting when ship/station is split in two
  • fixed turrets ignoring decoy blocks
  • fixed cockpit hot-bar names not displaying correctly
  • fixed small ship blast doors preventing placing of other blocks nearby
  • fixed texture of curved conveyor tube
  • fixed sharing with factions
  • fixed surface difficult to walk on
  • fixed dedicated server not creating a world if one is specified in the config
  • fixed missile launcher self-explosions
  • fixed floating objects slowdown
  • fixed wrong saved game timestamp
  • fixed a crash while creating a control panel
  • fixed uranium ingot not traveling through conveyor system
  • fixed crash after placing custom block
  • fixed crash after deleting gravity generator
  • fixed small thrusters damage area
  • fixed spelling mistake when server connection was not available

Update 043.013

  • fixed crash on Windows XP
  • fixed crash in inventory
  • fixed crash caused by missing texture or model
  • fixed crash in join screen
  • fixed refinery and assembler issues
  • fixed cockpit ownership not updated
  • fixed missing HUD voices
  • fixed possible autosave issue on dedicated server
  • fixed MP sync of production blocks and inventory
  • fixed MP sync of floating point objects

Version 01.042 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 7 August 2014

Players can download mods (custom blocks, skyboxes, custom skins) right from Steam Workshop. Mods are per-world; that means that each world can have different mods active. And that’s not all –every client automatically downloads every workshop mod used by server while connecting. As a bonus; we have also added character animations playable from toolbar, small control panel access block, gyroscope override and more catwalk blocks – enjoy!

Warning: in case you have overwritten core game files on your own in the past, please try to delete all local content + verify your game cache files

New Modding Guide –


  • steam workshop mod support and integration
  • automatic mod download when joining multiplayer game
  • moddable thruster glow
  • added new character animations playable from toolbar
  • added control panel access block
  • added gyro override
  • added more types of catwalk blocks
  • added mod debug screen (F11 in single player)


  • fixed invisible and invulnerable cargo ships
  • fixed not hidden HUD tag after switching to third person
  • fixed autosave on dedicated servers
  • fixed player loses ownership one death,save/reload
  • fixed respawn in owned medbay results in permadeath anyway
  • fixed bugged ownership menu
  • fixed toolbar hotkeys (missing options/too many options)
  • fixed disabling "control thrusters" from one cockpit disables the thrusters completely
  • fixed block not available message
  • fixed rotor displacement issues
  • fixed trapped in cockpit, crash on exit
  • fixed cannot create "new ship/station"
  • fixed error when loading a saved world
  • fixed pistons with a drill attached refusing to extend after reload
  • fixed turret sound playing even if turret is OFF
  • fixed overflowing menu for various blocks (turrets, rotors)

Update 01.042.020

  • added support for custom animations in passenger seat!
  • added world border warning to creative
  • fixed color slider
  • fixed piston settings
  • fixed assembler sound issues
  • fixed broken collector
  • fixed catwalk crashes
  • fixed sounds crash
  • fixed automatically activated autolock on landing gears
  • fixed small thruster damaging heavy armor
  • fixed crash when placing new ship/station
  • fixed crash when building motor or piston
  • fixed crash when building
  • fixed mirroring (big thanks to modders!)
  • fixed loading textures from mod root

Version 01.041 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 31 July 2014

Players can now have proper control of their ships while sitting in the cockpit by adding (drag-and-drop) blocks to the toolbar. Activating such block can turn the blocks on/off, reverse rotation of rotors, increase/decrease velocity and many other actions already present in the control panel. No more constant control panel visits, players can now revert one of their many rotors by pressing a single button, lock/unlock single landing gear, turn any block on/off, etc. It's also possible to drag a group of the same blocks to the toolbar. We have also enabled the option to shoot from weapons which are attached on rotors and pistons; players can now build retractable weapons!


  • control blocks through toolbar
  • fire weapons which are attached with rotors and pistons
  • multiple toolbars (switching by dot and comma)
  • re-enabled the save confirmation on leave for autosave worlds


  • reduced network bandwidth for all moving objects
  • reduced idle network bandwidth (when player sits in ship and doing nothing)
  • fixed VSync crash
  • fixed few spelling errors
  • fixed too fragile piston
  • fixed piston copy/paste glitch
  • fixed issue when piston was pasted without top part
  • fixed issue with piston physics
  • fixed pistons functioning without power
  • fixed issue when piston was not working on converted platform
  • fixed crash while adding cargo container under the piston
  • fixed issue when piston’s top part gets separated when platform is merged with ship
  • fixed crash when retracting a chain of pistons at once
  • fixed spamming reverse breaking pistons
  • fixed issue when pressing "No" on exit the world was saved anyway
  • fixed overriding thruster force causes all thrusters facing the same way to fire
  • fixed custom color was not saved after exiting the world
  • fixed cost of recharging battery is called "Sprint"
  • fixed 1x1 wheels popping out after merge
  • fixed explosives not doing damage after explosion on dedicated server
  • fixed rotors floating in the air after client merges two grids
  • fixed turret rectangle is visible when weapons are not enabled in world
  • fixed issue when control panel items were clickable even when they were invisible
  • fixed delete block sound volume was too loud when deleting many blocks with symmetry
  • fixed full batteries still using energy
  • fixed crash when ":" was written into search-box
  • fixed turrets target stuff on when moving

Version 01.040 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 24 July 2014

Pistons have been added in Space Engineers - they can be used to build advanced machinery. Also, faction founders and leaders can now enable auto-approval for new members. Players will now be able to see a notification on HUD when somebody is hacking/grinding their ship (does not apply to armors). Thrusters can be used without cockpit - through the terminal - which enables the option to create missiles with warheads, turret countermeasures, small drones which grind enemy ships by using grinder and other. Blast door blocks has been also added in the game; it's similar to armor, but thinner, so it can slide between two layers of armor (very useful for airtight door and hangar bays).


  • pistons
  • factions: enabled/disabled member auto-approval
  • hacking/breach HUD notification
  • thrusters can work without cockpit - through terminal
  • blast door blocks (4 types, durability will be balanced in the next updates)
  • rotor height adjustment
  • semi-auto mode for battery


  • fixed issue when player could not leave respawn screen
  • fixed large antenna texture bug
  • fixed steering wheels losing sync
  • fixed lags with batteries turned to charging mode
  • fixed few instances of death-loop
  • fixed multiplayer filter issues
  • fixed visible aiming rectangle when turret is of after loading new world
  • fixed issue when placing a new landing gear/station block without resources in survival mode was fully built
  • fixed missing permanent death configuration when starting DS
  • fixed issue with block preview when in 3rd person view

EDIT 07/25/14:
Update 01.040.014

  • fixed two different crashes when exiting from the cockpit
  • fixed crash in toolbar
  • fixed crash with pistons
  • fixed pistons flying away after changing the color
  • fixed crash in asteroids (caused issues when loading a world or starting DS)
  • fixed player cannot move issue
  • fixed issues with mods not loading (there's still problem with model textures)

Version 01.039 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 17 July 2014


Battery block and new power cell component have been added into the game. Communication relay makes now possible for signal to travel through multiple friendly Antennas; enemy signals that reach one antenna are relayed to all friendly players within your antenna network. You can merge ships while pasting in creative mode and we also added client-side saving and permanent death as a world options.

Note: We are still working on new player communication system, it should be added in the future updates.


  • battery block for small and large grids
  • solar panels are now little cheaper and much more efficient
  • communications relay (signal can travel through multiple antennas; you can receive a signal from any distance, broadcasting can be limited by player or by power of the antenna)
  • small ship antenna has now max. range of 5,000 m
  • copy-paste into existing ships
  • new world setting: enable/disable client-side saving
  • new world setting: permanent death can be turned off (client still owns his stuff after respawning in the rescue ship)
  • pressing 'K' can be now used for looting character
  • added antenna to prefab ships


  • improved network performance when removing larger amount of blocks at once
  • fixed crash when creating faction
  • fixed crash when leaving faction
  • fixed mission join request icon
  • fixed turret attacking its own ship
  • fixed issues with respawn
  • fixed turrets fire at ships in junk yard
  • fixed inventory listing as same for all containers
  • fixed 1x1 wheel falling off after loading a save
  • fixed antenna/beacons too power hungry
  • fixed passenger seat alignment
  • fixed death loops when spawning in tight places
  • fixed no 3rd person view for rescue ship
  • fixed player tag not showing properly when joining dedicated server
  • fixed ownership not remembered by dedicated server after logout
  • fixed memory leaks when app was minimized
  • fixed spectator mode when loading workshop world
  • fixed spotlight symmetry

Version 01.038 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 10 July 2014

Steering wheels and wheel controls have been added in Space Engineers. Players can now build and control vehicles. Every block that is visible in terminal can be now displayed on HUD (set on/off on terminal screen). Also some issues with Factions have been resolved (see the list below for more details).

Note: wheels in multi-player are still work-in-progress and some things might not be functioning properly


  • steering wheels (sounds are placeholders – wheels in multi-player are still WIP)
  • wheel controls (WSAD)
  • adjustable welder and grinder speed (in world settings)
  • name and location of blocks visible in terminal can be shown on HUD
  • new inventory filter (hide empty inventories)
  • join game search box
  • hacking computers is a bit slower (grinding block of non-friend is slower by factor of 3)


  • fixed some Factions issues (turrets shooting on it's own ship, non-changeable ownership)
  • reduced network bandwidth during line/plane building
  • fixed beacon range and visibility
  • fixed issue when beacon broadcast was killing the server
  • fixed issue when antenna was working without power
  • fixed red circle after re-spawn
  • fixed beacon broadcast distance does not save
  • fixed old save files have no ownership

Version 01.037 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 3 July 2014

Factions are now available in Space Engineers. Players can create and join factions, determine ownership of blocks and manage the relations between them (hostile/ally). Block ownership is determined by computers, so if players want to take over hostile blocks, they will have to replace the computers that are in these blocks. Ownership can be transferred manually by the owner. Blocks can be shared within faction members or everyone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Factions are still Work-in-Progress and this is only the first update. There are still many things to be added during the next weeks (eg. chat and communication) and some bugs/issues are yet to be fixed. We decided to release it now so we can get the best feedback possible from the players.


  • factions
  • ownership of blocks
  • hacking/take-over of hostile objects
  • block sharing
  • looting dead engineer
  • copy/paste: rotate object before pasting


  • fixed mirroring planes not visible
  • fixed extreme lag issues in some worlds
  • fixed issue with having access to control panel from passenger seat
  • fixed wrong highlight on door model
  • fixed missing dialog box in main menu and pause screen
  • fixed dedicated server issue: clean exit with save not working
  • fixed issue with NPC ships not de-spawning
  • fixed world name file folders aren't updating with "Save As" feature
  • fixed crashes and asteroid physics
  • fixed issue when connecting via connector deletes grouping
  • fixed copy+paste option for dedicated server setup
  • fixed missing thruster effect
  • fixed weird character animations with tools & cube placement

EDIT 07/04/2014:

Update 01.037.014

  • removed computer component from large ship thrusters
  • removed computer component from conveyors (so turret won't attack it)
  • fixed crash when server selects all objects on the grid and sets "Me" as owner and "share with my faction"
  • fixed cannot save issue after cargo ship permissions changes
  • fixed crash in factions after changing faction properties or members
  • fixed crash when closing faction screen
  • fixed crash when mining asteroid
  • fixed crash when switching character’s light
  • fixed crash when client canceled join request or joined other faction
  • fixed crash when character was shooting when died
  • fixed crash caused by selecting empty space in ownership (there are no empty options in ownership drop down menu)
  • fixed crash when client was trying to join a faction multiple times
  • fixed server steals all ownership

Version 01.036 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 26 June 2014

The conveyor-connector system is now fully functional. It can be used to connect two ships, share electricity, give access to control panel and transfer items. Also players can now set custom color to the astronaut’s suit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avast is reporting a virus in SpaceEngineer.exe in the last update (01.036). It's 100% a false positive, you can add that file to exceptions/mark as a save file.


  • conveyor-connector system is fully functional
  • set custom color to astronaut’s suit
  • passenger seat
  • copy-paste the grids which are connected through rotors
  • items ejected from the ejector now inherit velocity


  • fixed weird/purple colors (especially visible on asteroids)
  • fixed hand drill issue
  • fixed clustered cargo ships in MP consuming server memory causing high ping
  • fixed control groups after merging/splitting
  • fixed issue with merge block causing CTD and stops Dedicated Server
  • fixed issue when switching while in load screen by using ALT-TAB and load worlds list stays blank
  • fixed issue when connectors could not connect if mounted to the same ship
  • fixed crash when merging small ships
  • fixed pink textures on asteroids
  • fixed dedicated server crash when socket is already in use
  • fixed few instances where mining is not working
  • fixed some symmetry is off (Cockpit 3 Large, Cockpit 1 Small.)

Version 01.035 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 19 June 2014

Electricity is now being transmitted through rotors (inter-grid electricity and communications relaying). We've also added new world settings (automatic trash removal, limit world’s size) that will help players to manage the increasing number of objects in the world - useful especially for dedicated servers.


  • electricity is now being transmitted through rotors (inter-grid electricity and communications relaying)
  • “center of mass” indicator (enabled in terminal screen: Info panel)
  • moved some of the world settings to the new “advanced settings” screen
  • new world settings: automatic removal of respawn ships
  • new world settings: automatic trash removal
  • new world settings: world size limit
  • ban on player’s screen (F3) for dedicated server
  • improved landing gear (setting break force, auto-lock feature)


  • fixed crashes caused by landing gears, rotors and merge blocks
  • fixed crashes when character was walking near asteroids
  • fixed toolbar issues (drag and copy, right click, double click)
  • fixed crash when creating Crashed Ship scenario
  • fixed frozen cube builder preview
  • fixed auto-submit log after game crash

EDIT 06/20/14:

Update 01.035.009

  • fixed landing gear auto-lock crash
  • fixed issues during and after merging platform/ship (crash after pressing Y, kicked from cockpit, can't pilot merged ship, etc)
  • fixed crash when loading various old worlds
  • fixed crash when drilling
  • fixed various control group issues (more fixes to follow)
  • fixed recharging energy for newly build cockpits/medbays
  • fixed custom game setup not remembering the chosen number of asteroids in the world

Version 01.034 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 12 June 2014

Players can now change the color of their space suit. Also, added large ship drills, spectator mode and more options for running the dedicated servers.

We have reverted the multiplayer code to the previous version and more improvements will come in the upcoming weeks.


  • space suit color selection (in medical room)
  • large ship drills
  • added spectator mode
  • added borderless window option
  • more options for running dedicated server (configurable data path in command line)
  • improved small cockpit mount points
  • added the option to take anything from conveyor system by double-clicking


  • reverted to previous multiplayer code (improvements will come)
  • fixed landing gear white color
  • fixed cargo ships not de-spawning
  • fixed issue with players’ name displayed as "Unknown"
  • fixed issue when tools constantly deplete suit’s energy after the task is finished
  • fixed merge block shifting when two ships were connected
  • fixed Cockpit 3 does not need any displays to be functional
  • fixed issue with screenshots taken during auto-save
  • fixed issue with broken workshop thumbnails
  • fixed warning when switching from creative 1x to survival 1x
  • fixed ship drill being too fragile
  • fixed changing toolbar while constructing
  • few animation fixes (character without gravity or jetpack, character sitting in a cockpit)
  • fixed issue with ejector being functional when it was placed on large doors
  • fixed grammatical translation errors (multiple errors on words, sentences & quotes in US English Version)

Spectator mode:
Can be enabled in world settings
F6 - return to regular mode
F7 - tracking camera, controlling object
F8 - free camera, controlling camera (this is true spectator)
F9 - free camera, controlling object

Dedicated server:
SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe -noconsole -path "D:\Whatever\Something"

  • noconsole: will run without black console window
  • path: will load config and store all files in path specified ("D:\Whatever\Something" in example)

taskkill /IM SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe
this will stop dedicated server correctly, saving the world etc
to stop it immediately add argument "/f", that will kill server without asking to stop and without saving the world

EDIT 06/13/14:

Update 01.034.009

  • added error message when starting dedicated server and listen port is already used
  • fixed crash in inventory
  • fixed crashes caused by conveyor
  • fixed irreparable blocks
  • fixed broken sounds
  • fixed crash during shader recompilation (custom skybox crashed the game)
  • fixed crash during startup when invalid prefab found
  • fixed collision model on large drill head
  • fixed 2x3 glass mirroring

Version 01.033 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 5 June 2014

Players are now able to permanently merge ships and stations of the same block size by using the merge block which is responsible for proper alignment. When a ship is merged with a station, ship becomes the station. Stations can be now converted to ships, but the blocks which are partially inside asteroids will get damaged or destroyed.

Also, we have redesigned and upgraded our multi-player code. This results in a more stable multi-player with less lag. This is important especially for rotors, wheels and similar objects.


  • Merge Block
  • conversion of station to ship
  • news box in main menu
  • colorable cockpit
  • added “number of servers” to join screen


  • redesigned and upgraded multi-player code
  • fixed issues with character in cockpit
  • fixed group checking on server
  • fixed indestructible decoys on dedicated servers
  • fixed warheads staying after being destroyed on dedicated servers
  • fixed issue with small ship gatling guns not connecting to conveyor system
  • fixed loading screen time
  • fixed turret targeting lag
  • fixed material resources not being displayed
  • fixed angled glass bleeding through
  • fixed issue with asteroids being transparent from various angles
  • fixed issues with medical rooms not working

Update 01.033.007

  • fixed white lines

EDIT 06/06/2014
Update 01.033.010

  • increased the allowed distance of spawn from 10 km to 50 km
  • fixed the merge block misalignment issues when merging long ships

Version 01.032 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 29 May 2014

Dedicated servers are now available in Space Engineers. Dedicated servers allow players to connect to a third party host, rather than using a player-host, in a peer-to-peer set-up. This feature will result to a faster connection and a more fluent multiplayer performance with less lag.

This is the first (preliminary) release of the dedicated servers and you may experience various difficulties and technical issues. We decided to release this feature in this state and test it together with your help and your feedback. We guarantee that we will do our best to solve any issues that might appear within days after this update.


  • dedicated servers
  • ship info in terminal screen (e.g. Triangles – number of render triangles on your ship/station, so you can estimate how will you ship impact the performance/FPS. Higher the number of triangles, more GPU power is required.)


  • optimized conveyor tube glass rendering
  • reduced lag caused by new players joining the game in multiplayer
  • reduced lag caused by spawning cargo ship in multiplayer

Dedicated Server Guide:
Marek's blog-post about Dedicated Servers and Multiplayer:

How to join

  • open Steam Server browser
  • click filters and choose "Space Engineers"
  • double click one of server in list

How to install & run

  • extract SteamApps/Common/SpaceEngineers/Tools/ anywhere you want
  • run DedicatedServer64/SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe, screen will appear
  • if you want to run as console (black screen with letters), double click "Local / Console"
  • if you want to run as service, click "Add new instance", fill the info and confirm, then double click the item you've just added
  • configuration screen will open, you can setup many things here, after doing so, press "Save and start"
  • if you're not running as console, now you can go back and configure another instance (be sure to choose different Server Port) or close the screen
  • to make the game visible in Steam Server Browser or in-game browser, you have to forward/open UDP port, this port is referred as "Server Port"

Saves, config, logfile

  • when running as console, data is stored in C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Default
  • when running as service, data is stored in C:\ProgramData\SpaceEngineersDedicated\{InstanceName}

Version 01.031 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 22 May 2014

Welder and grinder are now available on both small and large ships (stations too). A larger type of conveyor is now available for small ships; this allows them to transfer all kinds of components and items.


  • large ship welder
  • small ship welder and grinder
  • new larger conveyors for small ships (able to transport every item)
  • large cargo container on small ship has now large doors
  • connector and ejector won't throw items when the area in front of them is blocked by too many objects (fixes performance issues with many small objects on pile)
  • new models for thrusters and wheels
  • connector inventory can be accessed by door

The following items will fit inside the small tubes, others will need large tubes. The rule is simple (although it might change in the future) - items that have any of their dimensions larger than 25cm will need large tubes.

Small items:
Ores and ingots,
Construction component,
Reactor component,
Thruster component,
Rifle ammo,
Gatling gun ammo


  • fixed memory leaks caused by audio
  • fixed issue when opening workshop from the main menu
  • fixed assault rifle sound during ALT+TAB
  • fixed issues with character remaining visible in cockpit after leaving
  • fixed missile exploding without a cause
  • fixed multiplayer client dying when drilling

EDIT: 05/23/14

Update 01.031.012

  • fixed issue when placing rotor in survival mode
  • fixed issue when building a block used more resources than it should
  • fixed landing gear not detached when the surface under it is destroyed
  • fixed crashes caused by loading corrupted saves
  • fixed crash during drag-and-drop in production screen

Version 01.030 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 15 May 2014

We have added missile turrets and curved conveyor tube. Also we have redesigned the default ships and the starting platform in order to be used more effectively for the new features.

Turrets can target all moving objects; cargo ships use turrets as defense systems, including the new missile turret. Projectile weapons and small ship cockpits were re-balanced, enjoy dogfights!


  • added missile turrets
  • added curved conveyor tube
  • redesigned default ships (blue, red, cargo, respawn) and starting platform in order to be used for new features
  • small ship cockpit is more durable and also more expensive (increased the number of bullet-proof glass from 5 to 30)
  • balanced damage of projectile weapons/turrets – now everything does 4x more damage
  • turret targeting can be changed in control panel, all moving objects can be set as targets
  • player can switch between gun fire modes by using the middle mouse button (it's possible to fire from just one missile launcher)


  • fixed memory leaks (caused by audio)
  • fixed slowdowns near asteroids
  • fixed minor audio issues
  • fixed minor conveyor issues (energy usage)
  • fixed crash during painting
  • fixed crash when client dies inside cockpit
  • fixed missile launchers consuming ammo in creative mode

Version: 01.029.009

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