Wheel Suspension 1x1
Icon Block Wheel Suspension 1x1


Allows wheels to be steered from a cockpit.

Fits small ship
Mass:248.2 kg

Fits large ship and station
Mass:962.4 kg

Data Controls: [edit] [purge] (?)

Wheel suspension blocks are controlled from a ship's cockpit and used to maneuver across a surface. To switch enable a cockpit to control them, the box saying "control wheels" must be ticked for that cockpit in the control menu.

When placing the suspension, a wheel block is automatically added at its end. Both must be welded separately to construct them. Destroying either one will destroy both, but no components will be dropped when this happens. If they need to be salvaged, take care in order to avoid losing materials. Grind one part until only a single steel plate remains, then grind the other until it is destroyed.


Icon Block Wheel Suspension 1x1 Wheel Suspension 1x1
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer21
Icon Item Motor Motor61
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube122
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube6
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component157
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate151053

Removed Blocks

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